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Rehabilitation Service

Rehabilitation Service


The Rehabilitation Block (RB) of Tuen Mun Hospital is a rehabilitation center in the New Territories West Cluster of The Hospital Authority. The RB provides rehabilitation and extended care services to patients who require continuous treatment and intensive rehabilitation after conditions have been stabilized from acute settings. Nursing care, medication treatment and various allied health therapies are part and parcel of the provision. The Rehabilitation Team is composed of Doctors, nurses and therapists of the Allied Health professionals from the departments of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Prosthetic & Orthotic Therapy. It is through the holistic approach and management that patients together with their significant others will be able to resume and / or adapt to their daily living.

Scope of Services

  1. Med Rehabilitation

  2. In-patient services:

    • Stroke Rehabilitation (RSU) - Stroke
    • Neuro-Rehabilitation (NIR) - Brain Injury
    • Visceral Rehabilitation (VIR) – Cardio-pulmonary; Renal

    Ambulatory Services & Community Network:

    • Rehabilitation clinic
    • Day Rehabilitation Centres: Cardiac Rehab / Visceral Rehab
    • Community Rehab Partnership / Networking with NGOs

  3. Medical Palliative Medicine (MPM)

  4. In-patient services:

    Palliative Medicine (MPM) - 20 beds

    Out-patient services:

    • 3 clinic sessions per week
      multidisciplinary clinic providing doctor consultation, education on disease management by nurse, psychosocial assessment & emotional counseling by Medical Social Worker
    • Palliative home care visits: 5.5 days per week (~20 visits per week)
    • Bereavement risk screening & counseling: provided by nurse & Medical Social Worker

  5. Medical Convalescence (MC)

  6. To provide convalescent care for patients from the Medicine & Geriatrics Department