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Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Orthopaedics and Traumatology


  • To provide "client-oriented holistic care" to orthopaedic patients through continuous quality improvement, multidisciplinary approach, education and research, and developing medical and nursing professionals; aiming at enhancing patients regain capability to return to the community.
  • To enhance human well being by promoting public health education with obtainable resources in partnership with the community.

Organization Structure

Chief of Services Dr. WUN Yiu-chung
Consultants Dr. CHEUNG Ka-kin
Dr. CHAN Ping-tak
Dr. CHOI Kai-yiu Alexander
Dr. TSUI Hon-for
Dr. LAU Chi-yuk
Department Operations Manager Mr. SO Sheung-shun
Nurse Consultant Ms. WAN Suk-ling
Ward Managers Ms. TSANG Mo-fan
Mr. CHEUNG King-hung
Ms. YIM Yin-mui
Ms. POON Nga-wing Shirley
Mr. CHUNG Wing-fai
Ms. LOW Ken-ling

Scope of Service

The Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of Tuen Mun Hospital provides medical and nursing services to citizens of north western New Territories of Hong Kong. Citizens with traumatic injury, bony fracture, burn and orthopaedic problem requiring surgery and treatment will receive state-of-the art, specialized care provided by professional doctors and nurses of the Department.

Work in line with service missions of Hospital Authority and Tuen Mun Hospital, with multi-team effort, we provide client-oriented, holistic care to orthopaedic patients, enhancing their health and well being by health education. We develop professional staff through continuous quality improvement program, education and research.

The Department provides hospital consultation, specialist outpatient consultation, orthopaedic surgery, trauma management and pre-operative and post-operative nursing care and day surgery services. In Tuen Mun Hospital, we provide male orthopaedic, female orthopaedic, paediatric orthopaedic and rehabilitation beds. We admit patients from Accident and Emergency Department, outpatient department and other hospitals. Besides, in collaborate with various allied health departments, patients can receive physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prosthesis and orthosis, pathology and diagnostic radiology services during their course of treatment. By day surgery services, patient can go home on the same day after receiving minor surgery.

Hospital In-Patient Service

Hospital in-patient services for orthopaedic patients are provided by the following wards in Tuen Mun Hospital:

Ward Tel No. Fax No.
A3 Female Orthopaedic 2468 5546 2453 1397
B3 Male Orthopaedic 3894 2502 3894 2501
C3 Female Orthopaedic 2468 5534 2455 9302
D3 Male Orthopaedic 2468 5540 2465 6698
C6 Paediatric Orthopaedic 2468 5654
2468 5656
2465 5524
R11A Male Orth Rehabilitation 3767 7122 3767 7125
R11B Male Orth Rehabilitation 3767 7132 3767 7137
R11C Female Orth Rehabilitation 3767 7142 3767 7147

Specialist Out-Patient Clinic

The orthopaedic specialist outpatient clinic services are provided in The 4th Floor, Ambulatory Centre of Tuen Mun Hospital (Telephone No. 2468 6296). There are five consultation sessions for newly registered clients and old cases following up.

Sessions of orthopaedic clinic (as at 1-7-2012):

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Specialized Rehabilitation Clinics

In collaborate with other allied health departments, specialized rehabilitation care programs are provided to patients with hand injury, knee injury by sports, shoulder and elbow injury and for prosthesis and orthosis fitting.

These clinics are held in 4th Floor, Ambulatory Care Centre, Tuen Mun Hospital (Telephone No.: 2468 6296):

Clinics Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Upper limb reconstruction     PM    
Integrated Spine Care AM        
Paediatric Orthopaedic     Scheduled Week PM    
Sports Injury   PM      
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation     PM    
Complex Trauma AM        
Combined Spine-urology clinic       2nd & 4th Week PM  
Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic     3rd Week AM