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Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery covers the holistic care of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, etc.

In 2015, as part of the redevelopment of the KWH, the Breast Centre was relocated from 1/F, South Wing to 10/F, North Wing, neighbouring Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Despite the reduction of floor space from over 3,000 sq. ft. to some 300 sq. ft., our medical staff is dedicated to maintaining the level of service and expanded the appointment service to Saturday full-day.

The specialist team not only performs breast cancer operations of international standards, but also takes care of patients’ anxiety when they learn about the diagnosis of breast cancer by delivering pre-operative counselling and support.

Services of the Breast Centre include:

  1. Major operations such as partial mastectomy, total mastectomy, free-flap breast reconstruction
  2. High-tech procedures such as sentinel lymph mapping, minimally invasive suction and incision surgery
  3. Systematic post-operative follow-ups on wounds and rehabilitation by specialist nurses
  4. Breast specialist care such as counselling, body-image care, prevention and treatment of lymphedema, benign breast diseases
  5. Close follow-ups on each patient by breast cancer case managers to enhance efficacy
  6. Long-term follow-ups on ex-breast cancer patients by breast surgery specialist nurses
The KWH Breast Surgery Centre
Rehabilitative Care Plan for Total Mastectomy Patients
3rd day after surgery for appointment at Breast Centre
- Wound & drain care
- Improvement of self-image (temporary breast prosthesis)
- Post-operative self-care
Physiotherapy: early post-operative exercise instructions

10th day after surgery for appointment at Breast Centre
- Wound & drain care
Physiotherapy: exercise instructions on 14th day after surgery

17th day after surgery for appointment at Breast Centre
- Wound & drain care
- Body composition analyser assessment
- Shoulder mobility assessment
- Inspection & care of potential complications

6th week after surgery for appointment at Breast Centre
- Breast prosthesis
- Wound & scar care

Regular follow-up consultations at breast specialist out-patient clinic

In 2014, The KWH Surgery performed a total of 437 breast surgeries, including 295 on breast cancer. The types of operations included suction and incision, partial mastectomy, total mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Also in 2014, more than 4 000 appointments of various kinds were served.

* The breast surgery specialist team includes doctors, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and ex-patient volunteers