Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital
Department of Accident and Emergency

Major Events
1997 First outbreak of influenza A (H5N1)
2003 (Atypical pneumonia) Severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS
2008 Mong Kok acid attacks
2009 Swine flu outbreak
2011 (March) (Nuclear crisis in Fukushima, Japan) Enhancement of departmental contingency measures for nuclear accidents
2011 (November) Fa Yuen Street market fire
2014 Outbreak of influenza A (H7N9)
2014 Occupy Mong Kok (Mass gathering)
2014 Gas explosion in a public housing estate in Shek Kip Mei
2014 Garage explosion and fire in Tsz Wan Shan
2015 (Ebola epidemic) Enhancement of departmental infection control measures
Future Redevelopment of Kwong Wah Hospital

Healthy People
Happy Staff
Trusted by the Community
Helping People
Stay Healthy
People-centred Care
Professional Service
Committed Staff, Teamwork

Consultation Flow Chart

Severe Trauma First Aid Team

A person fainted in the vicinity (within walking distance) of the hospital and is in need of urgent medical assistance

First Aid Team sent to provide on-site assistance

Nurse-led Case Management Service for Patients with Need

Discharge of patients

Equipment Currently Used at the Accident and Emergency Department
Cardiac troponin I rapid analyzers
Hand-held laryngoscope Laryngoscope
Mobile medical history enquiry and management system
Mobile ultrasound system
Computer-guided tonometer
12-lead ECG
Automatic chest compression machine
Anaesthetic gas scavenging system