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As an acute general hospital, KWH provides services to Kowloon West Districts including Mongkok, Tai Kok Tsui and Wong Tai Sin.

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Kwong Wah Hospital Renal Patients Support Group

Kwong Wah Hospital Renal Patients Support Group

The Kwong Wah Hospital Renal Patients Support Group has served the renal patients of KWH since 26th May 1992. There are 222 members up to Jun 2016.

The objectives of the support group are:

  • To generate mutual support between renal patients and families so as to enhance their community rehabilitation;
  • To promote health education and enhance the communication among patients, families and health care team so as to increase the effectiveness of treatment plan;
  • To encourage the spirit of self-help and increase acceptance of illness;
  • To arouse public understanding and concern towards renal patients and to promote social rehabilitation.


Educational Talk, Group Sharing, Outing Activity, Anniversary Dinner cum Annual General Meeting, Bulk Purchase Activity (Purchase of Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis accessories), N4 Ward Visit, Wong Tai Sin Hospital Ward visit, Physical Exercise (including gateball practice and Tai Chi Class) and Joint-hospital activities (e.g. Joint-hospital Gateball Competition, Hong Kong Transplant & Dialysis Games and World Kidney Day @ Hong Kong)

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Lok Hong Club

Lok Hong Club

The Kwong Wah Hospital Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients Support Group – Lok Hong Club (LHC), inaugurated in 1994, was established by the Department of Integrated Medical Service and Department of Medical Social Service of Kwong Wah Hospital (KWH). Until Jun 2016, the SLE patients of KWH who registered in the club had amounted to 260.

The objectives of Lok Hong Club:

  • To promote health education and provide medical information about SLE and related illnesses to patients and their family members;
  • To promote self-help and mutual support to SLE patients so as to facilitate better rehabilitation in the community;
  • To enhance communication and cooperation amongst SLE patients, their family members and the health care team;
  • To raise the public awareness of SLE.


Annual Dinner

X’Mas Party

Tai Ji Class

Health Education Activity

Day Tour

Visit & magic show for the elderly

Chadou Class


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Yin Chun Club- The Breast Cancer Patient Support Group

Lok Hong Club

Yin Chun Club established in year 1993 by breast cancer survivors and Department of Surgery of Kwong Wah Hospital. Till year 2016, this is already more than 500 active members.


  • Enhanced and educated public on updated breast cancer information
  • Enhance updated information communication and shared between the supportive network
  • Encourage patient self-help ability, facilitate patient accept and adapt the disease, regain self-confident.
  • Facilitate the society to care about breast cancer survivorship


  • There are monthly gathering, such as: health talk, outing, parties, and social gathering, etc.
  • Regular interest groups, for example: cooking class, swimming, yogo, Tai Chi and knitting classes.
  • Provision information on breast cancer treatment, rehabilitation and education.

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Diabetes Mellitus Patient Support Group

Diabetes Mellitus Patients Support Group

The Diabetes Mellitus Patient Support Group was established in Oct 1997 by the Department of Integrated Medical Service and Department of Medical Social Service of Kwong Wah Hospital. There were about 150 members in 2016.

Our group mission:

  • To arrange gathering among members for building up their network and promote mutual support;
  • To build up cohesiveness and sense of belonging among members & to promote the understanding of DM to the public so that more concern would be paid to DM and its treatments;
  • To enhance the communications between clinical team and members so as to enhance the treatment outcome;
  • To promote members’ medical & welfare rights.

Our group activities:

  • Educational talk
  • Recreational activities such as interest class, picnic, annual dinner
  • Bulk purchase service for DM accessories
  • Community services like aged home visit, public health education
  • Newsletter

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