Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital
Ambulatory and Allied Health


We aim to attend to the latest developments and trends, provide patients with diversified services according to their needs, engage in continuous improvement, self-assessment and training, offer quality patient-oriented services, further establish the culture of striving for excellence, and commit ourselves to providing quality services and excellent care for the public.

Scope of Services

1. Clinical Services
  • hand-drawn teaching materials, dietetic counselling

  • Diversified teaching materials, formulation of nutrition plan; healthy diet advice for patients to assist treatment
  • Computerised clinical and dietetic services for more efficient management
  • Enhanced quality risk management, e.g. assessment of nutritional drinks
  • Clinical records complying with hospital’s accredited standards
  • Telephone reminder service for patients on follow-up consultations

Future Plans
  • Interactive counselling through the Internet, telephone, email, etc. to promote healthcare messages
  • Diversified seminars: tips on eating out; how to read food nutrition labels, etc.
  • Ward round during mealtime to understand how in-patients are eating and improve nutritional quality
2. Catering Services
  • Old kitchen and equipment, mainly operated by hand
  • Meals delivered and utensils cleaned by ward staff
  • Meals prepared in bulk

  • Modern kitchen in operation since late 1996
  • Centralised meal delivery developed to enhance food quality through better control on food temperature, portions, hygiene, taste, and reduce costs
  • Accredited with ISO9001 & ISO22000 Certification for many consecutive years
  • Regular Meal Tray Audit in force since 2014 to improve meal quality and risk management

Future Plans
  • Low temperature cooking for frozen food to improve quality
  • Working towards ISO9001:2015 Certification (latest version)
  • A new, modern kitchen expected to be completed in late 2019
3. Community Services
In line with the mission of TWGHs, we will continue to spread the message of good nutrition for promoting public health and disease prevention. We have been actively involved in various community activities:
  • Elderly Health Campaign; introducing healthy eating principles to the elderly in Q&A format
  • “Stroke Prevention Q&A” pamphlet published jointly with TWGHs Social Service
  • Seminars for various organisations or associations (e.g. Kowloon West Disciplined Services, Yau Tsim Mong Federation of Association); “Step Up!” Programme with nutritional information given to overweight children preparing to participate in the Hong Kong Marathon; media interviews, articles, various activities and competitions to promote healthy eating

4. Clinical Education
We collaborate with HKU SPACE to expand the pool of registered dietitians through the provision of clinical practicum training.

Having experienced many changes, we will continue to develop new resources, seek evolution and accept challenges in our bid to fulfil the performance pledge.