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Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service


The Psychiatric Services of E2 is formally name as E2 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre. It is under the umbrella of Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Castle Peak Hospital. It was relocated to TMH on 26.5.2011. The centre provides comprehensive psychiatric services coverage including in-patient, out-patient, and day patient services. It mainly serves two types of clients:

  • Patient under the age of 18 which belongs to the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services
  • Perinatal women which belongs to the Comprehensive Child Development Services

Scope of Services

A) Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services

Targets: Patients under the age of 18

1. Out-Patient Clinic

Provide assessment, diagnostic formulation, counseling and treatment for clients. Apart from drug treatment, psychosocial interventions will also be provided to suitable cases, for example, family therapy, social skill training group and parents’ training group etc.

2. Day Patient Service

The multidisciplinary team provides a variety of group/individual training for our clients at day hospital. They include play group, social skill training, attention enhancement training, anxiety and stress management etc.

3. Consultation Service

The consultation service is provided to wards of Tuen Mun Hospital.

4. In-patient Service

It provides in-patient treatment for child and adolescent with mental health problems in NTWC. It is a mixed gender ward with 20 beds.

B) Perinatal Mental Health Service

Targets: Perinatal women with mental health problems

1. Outpatient Clinic

Provide assessment, treatment and counseling to perinatal women with mental health problem. The service had been relocated to Tuen Mun Mental Health Centre (TMMHC)

2. Consultation Liaison Service

Provide consultation liaison services to perinatal women in Tuen Mun Hospital.

3. Outreach Service at Maternal and Child Health Centre

To identify and manage women with perinatal mental health problem in Maternal and Child Health Centre in NTWC.

Service Hours

Outpatient Clinic / Day Hospital

Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
1:45 pm - 5:15 pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday Closed

New Case Booking Documents

For new case booking, parents/carers should provide the follwing documents:

  • Patient's HK Identity Card (or a valid identity document) (original)
  • Referral letter from a local registered medical practitioner issued in the last three months (original)
  • Residential address information

Contact Us

Outpatient Clinic / Day Hospital

Tel. No. (Rescheduling*): 2454 5871
*Appointment Rescheduling Time: Monday to Friday
10:00 am - 12:00 pm; 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Tel. No. (Enquiry): 2454 1744
Fax No.: 2468 5504

Day Hospital

Tel. No.: 2454 1744
Fax No.: 2468 5504


Tel. No.: 2468 5508
Fax No.: 2468 5507

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