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New Territories West Cluster Recent Developments

Major Development in New Territories West Cluster 2021/22:

Improve Service Quality

  • Provide an additional 10 surgical day beds and five medical day beds at TSWH
  • Enhance PC services by forming a cluster medical PC team at NTWC
  • Enhance psychiatry inpatient services by designating seven beds for child & adolescent at CPH
  • Enhance the HA’s complaints management system by establishing a cluster-based patient relations office structure at NTWC
  • Provide services for 3,190 additional nurse clinic attendances
  • Provide physiotherapy services for 2,400 additional outpatient attendance for patients on waiting list for total joint replacement surgery at NTWC under the structured, non-surgical treatment programme
  • Enhance case management services under the integrated care model for elderly patients to provide 450 additional needs assessments and discharge planning and 1,080 home visits at NTWC
  • Enhance the CGAT support for terminally ill patients in RCHEs by providing services for 1,050 additional geriatric outreach attendances
  • Enhance multidisciplinary support for providing 840 additional psychogeriatric outreach attendances to RCHEs at NTWC
  • Enhance the quality of cancer care by providing case management services to an additional of 50 patients with haematological cancer and 100 patients with gynaecological cancer
  • Recruit two additional case managers at NTWC to provide services for 600 additional psychiatric outreach attendances to patients with mental illness
  • Enhance genetic and genomic services by building service capacity for 380 additional pharmacogenetic tests
  • Prepare the site for installing an additional robotic surgery system at TMH
  • Optimise surgical planning by adopting medical grade 3D printing at NTWC
  • Provide Tumor Treating Field therapy for patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme at TMH

Optimise Demand Management

  • Provide an additional HDU bed and two additional ICU beds at TMH
  • Provide 10 additional acute surgical beds and two additional CCU beds at POH
  • Provide 12 additional acute orthopedic beds at TMH
  • Provide 40 additional extended care beds at TSWH
  • Provide five additional OT sessions per week at NTWC
  • Provide seven additional sessions per week for endoscopic procedures at TSWH
  • Increase the GOPC quota by 2,370 at NTWC
  • Enhance ophthalmology services at NTWC by providing services for an additional of 175 surgeries and 340 SOPC new case attendances
  • Enhance the management of viral hepatitis by building service capacity for 660 additional hepatitis related tests and setting up hepatitis nurse clinic
  • Implement clinical pharmacy services on discharge medication management for patients admitted to acute medical wards at TMH
  • Build laboratory service capacity for 1,040 additional tests to support the targeted therapy or immunotherapy for lung cancer
  • Provide 16 additional hospital haemodialysis places for patients with end-stage renal disease at NTWC
  • Enhance glaucoma care by providing services for 2,600 additional optical coherence tomography scans and 2,310 visual field test
  • Provide five additional Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory sessions at POH

Enhance Staff Training and Development

  • Recruit 16 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) as part-time clinical preceptors for junior nurses
  • Provide 105 training places for clinical staff to undergo resuscitation training