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New Territories West Cluster Recent Developments

Major Development in New Territories West Cluster 2019/2020:

Improve Service Quality

  • Manage 560 additional day rehabilitation attendances, as well as 200 additional geriatric day hospital attendances in NTWC
  • Extend rehabilitation services to cover weekends and public holidays for stroke patients at TMH with the provision of additional 1,150 physiotherapy and 1,150 occupational therapy attendances
  • Set up a multi-disciplinary PC consultative team in NTWC to cater for around 180 additional PC patients
  • Beef up the breastfeeding support team by adding two Registered Nurses (RN) to support the Baby-Friendly Hospital accreditation programme
  • Designate one maternal special care bed in the labour ward of TMH and recruit two RNs for training in high-risk pregnancy care
  • Provide nursing support for students with mental health needs through a school-based programme in collaboration with the Education Bureau and Social Welfare Department
  • Roll out the IPMOE system to CPH and SLH to strengthen medication safety
  • Implement the eAED system at POH
  • Offer additional 235 chromosome microarray tests for prenatal diagnosis

Optimise Demand Management

  • Open additional 24 acute medical beds at TMH, one ICU bed and 10 acute surgical beds at POH, and 50 acute and 20 extended care beds at TSWH
  • Provide 10 additional OT sessions per week in NTWC
  • Provide five additional OT sessions per week of day-time trauma list and recruit a nursing coordinator for geriatric fragility fracture services at TMH
  • Enhance ophthalmic services in NTWC to provide 150 additional SOPC new case attendances and 175 surgeries
  • Provide additional 2,000 Family Medicine Specialist Clinic (FMSC) attendances and 250 SOPC new case attendances under a collaborative Surgery (SUR) and FM service model
  • Increase GOPC quota with the addition of 8,250 attendances
  • Carry out facility improvement works to prepare for the installation of a PET-CT scanner to strengthen the capacity of radiology services at TMH
  • Provide 1,760 additional attendances for mammogram service in NTWC
  • Implement pharmacist clinic on anti-coagulant therapy management at TMH
  • Implement the inpatient drug distribution model in NTWC for enhancing medication safety and efficiency of drug management
  • Extend the radiotherapy services hour at TMH to provide 1,300 additional radiotherapy treatment attendances
  • Provide 12 additional hospital haemodialysis places for patients with end-stage renal disease
  • Pilot the Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) services for 300 selected patients in NTWC to improve Diabetes Mellitus (DM) control and reduce hypoglycemia
  • Recruit five additional case managers in NTWC for patients with mental illness
  • Recruit 32 additional PCAs to enhance NEATS

Enhance Staff Training and Development

  • Recruit 11 additional APN as part-time clinical preceptors to support junior nurses
  • Provide 140 training places for formal resuscitation training for clinical staff
  • Enhance nursing manpower by adding one nurse for stroke services, eight nurses for A&E services and one nurse for labour ward services
  • Provide upgraded APN posts to enhance night-shift supervision in wards
  • Enhance clerical support to acute medical wards by recruiting additional Executive Officer and Assistants
  • Enhance supporting staff manpower for Allied Health services by recruiting one additional PCA