Exterior Design of Block T

Exterior Design of Block T

Stage I - Conversion of the Senior Staff Quarters (SSQ)

Conversion of the Senior Staff Quarters to accommodate the decanted functions of pathology laboratories, teaching facilities and staff accommodation from the north end of QMH.

Stage II – Construction of New Block

Design Layout of New Block

Design layout of New Block

Design elevations of New Block

North elevation of New Block

West elevation of New Block

East elevation of New Block

Traffic Lane inside New Block

1. Better Circulation

Highly connected horizontal and vertical circulation

Access point of New Block

2. Provision of an additional site access to QMH

Two access points to QMH from Pokfulam Road

Zonal arrangement of services

3. Large floor plate enables concentration of relevant emergency / intensive care services on the “hot floors” in close proximity of the A&E department.

Zonal arrangement of services