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II. Radiology Services (放射科服务)
Group I (Radiography), each examination, each region ( 第一组(放射造影)(每个部位每次检查))
210 - 6,860
Group II (Conventional Special Radiology), each examination (第二组(传统特别放射学检查)(每次检查))
830 - 6,300
Group III (Vascular Radiology), each examination (第三组(血管放射学检查)(每次检查))
2,890 - 24,800
Group IV (Ultrasonography), each examination (第四组(超声造影)(每次检查))
1,000 - 6,210
Group V (Special Studies of Skeletal System) (第五组(骨骼系统特别检查))
350 - 4,160
Group VI (Nuclear Medicine) (第六组(核子医学))
2,560 - 19,850
Group VII (Interventional Radiology Procedure), per procedure (第七组(介入性放射学技术)(每个程序))
645 - 51,900
Group VIII (Computed Tomography), per examination, per region (第八组(电脑扫描造影)(每个部位每次检查))
740 - 5,480
Group IX (Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)) per examination, per region (第九组(磁力共振造影)(每个部位每次检查))
3,000 - 20,000
Group X (Interpretation of a set of films referred by a private medical practitioner) (第十组(诊断由私家医生交来的X光片))
1,260 - 4,610
注:1. For examinations in Group II, III and VII which may be conducted together with an operation, the operation will be charged separately. 2. For Groups III, VI and VII, specific consumables or radio-pharmaceuticals are charged separately in addition to the charge of examination. 3. Where a radiology examination has to be repeated due to technical failure, there will be no extra charge. 4. All films remain the property of the Hospital Authority. 1. 第二、三及七组的某些检查如需进行手术,该手术须另行收费。 2. 第三、六及七组的检查,所需的特殊消耗品或放射药物,须另行收费。 3. 因技术问题而需再次进行的放射检验,不另收费。 4. 所有成像照片属医院管理局所有。