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Catholic Pastoral Care Unit

Catholic Pastoral Care Unit


The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong established the Diocesan Commission for Hospital Pastoral Care in 1991. Its mission is to co-ordinate the pastoral care services in the hospitals; strive to raise the service standards and to promote the spirit of gospel to the community at large. Through hospital pastoral care service, we provide spiritual and religious care to patients, relatives and hospital staff. Pastoral care workers are listeners as well as companions. They visit patients of all religions and faiths, exploring the meaning of life and accompany them to go through the low tides in life. Currently, we have pastoral care units located over 30 hospitals to serve those people in need.

Scope of Services

Arrangement of Religious Services

Our pastoral care workers liaise with the parish priest to arrange sacramental services for those patients in need. We also organize religious activities such as Bible sharing for patients and hospital staff to meet their spiritual needs.

Bedside Visitation

Pastoral care worker visits patients attending to their spiritual and religious needs; providing concern, ventilation and other related care. Thus enhancing the sick and their relatives in building up confidence and strength to cope with pains and challenges in life.

Pastoral Care Education

Our Commission has set up a Training Centre to provide Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and volunteer training courses. We also invite experienced CPE Supervisors to conduct development programmes for our staff and volunteers to enhance the service quality.

Volunteer Service

Our Commission has a team of well-trained volunteers to assist in organizing seasonal activities and visiting patients. They also provide home visits for those chronically ill in the community to render care and support.

We Listen We Care

Service Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Mode of Referral

  • Call or visit our pastoral care unit directly (Room 02-0016, 2/F., Tin Shui Wai Hospital)
  • Through hospital staff, parish, relatives or friends

Contact Us

Telephone: (Office Hours) 3513 5315 (with voice mail)
(After Office Hours) 2448 8332 St. Jerome's Church