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New Territories West Cluster Recent Developments

New Territories West Cluster Recent Developments

Major Development in New Territories West Cluster 2023/2024:

Provide Smart Care

  • Build capacity to provide 360 additional tests by Next-Generation Sequencing for lung cancer patients
  • Provide 620 additional early mobilisation treatment sessions by physiotherapists to ICU patients.
  • Provide MR-guided Focused Ultrasound treatment to 10 additional patients at TMH.
  • Provide an addition of 30 GDH places and 3 120 GDH attendances at TMH.
  • Enhance renal services by providing 7 additional patient capacities for automated peritoneal dialysis.
  • Set up pharmacist clinic for anti-coagulant therapy at POH to provide 870 additional pharmacist clinic attendances.

Develop Smart Hospitals

  • Strengthen manpower to facilitate the implementation of smart hospital projects.

Nurture Smart Workforce

  • Enhance nursing manpower in psychiatric inpatient wards.
  • Strengthen nursing career structure by providing additional positions of ANC.
  • Provide additional opportunities for promoting 23 ENs to RNs and 10 RNs to APNs.
  • Provide additional promotion opportunities for allied health professionals and provide services for 1 600 additional specialised allied health inpatient assessments.
  • Recruit 16 full-time equivalent APNs as part-time clinical preceptors for junior nurses.

Enhance Service Supply

  • Strengthen manpower to prepare for the commissioning of Community Health Centre at Tuen Mun 29 West Area.
  • Provide 8 additional acute surgical beds at TMH.
  • Commission the extension of OT block at TMH by providing 6 additional OT sessions per week, one additional pre-anaesthetic consultation session per week, as well as providing services for 310 additional allied health outpatient attendances and enhance sterilisation services.
  • Implement clinical pharmacy services on discharge medication management for patients admitted to acute medical wards at TMH.
  • Enhance optometry services by providing 550 additional allied health outpatient attendances.
  • Provide services for 3 360 additional attendances by physiotherapist, 150 additional attendances by podiatrist and 600 additional allied health outpatient attendances.
  • Strengthen care-related support for allied health professionals and provide services for 600 additional allied health inpatient attendances.
  • Recruit additional care-related supporting staff for diagnostic radiology services.
  • Strengthen supporting manpower to enhance infection control measures at CPH and SLH.