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New Territories West Cluster Recent Developments

Major Development in New Territories West Cluster 2022/2023:

Provide Smart Care

  • Enhance geriatric support by providing services for 750 additional focused geriatric assessments at the A&E department of POH.
  • Set up acute geriatric fragility fracture nursing coordination services at POH.
  • Provide 25 additional day beds at TSWH.
  • Recruit an additional case manager at NTWC to provide services for 300 additional psychiatric outreach attendances to increase support for mental health patients in the community.
  • Continue to enhance the Community Geriatric Assessment Team support for terminally ill patients in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly by providing 350 additional geriatric outreach attendances.
  • Enhance transitional post-discharge support by providing services for 750 needs assessments and discharge planning for elderly patients, and 1 800 additional home visits by nurses and allied health professionals.
  • Provide services for 2 090 additional nurse clinic attendances in SOPC.
  • Provide services for 2 250 additional pharmacist clinic attendances on anti-coagulant therapy management at TMH.
  • Provide 2 000 additional Family Medicine Specialist Clinic (FMSC) attendances under the collaborative model for FM and O&T departments, and 2 000 additional FMSC attendances for FM and Surgery departments at NTWC.
  • Strengthen the allied health manpower to provide services for an additional 3 360 physiotherapy inpatient attendances, 1 430 speech therapy inpatient attendances and 130 allied health outpatient attendances.

Develop Smart Hospitals

  • Strengthen the manpower to support the smart hospital initiatives at NTWC
  • Roll out the phase one eAED service model to the A&E department of TMH and the eResus service model to the A&E department of POH.

Nurture Smart Workforce

  • Enhance nursing manpower for general and psychiatric inpatient wards, as well as A&E, ICU, infection control, stroke and peri-operative services.
  • Enhance allied health manpower to support clinical stream coordinator (allied health) and succession planning at NTWC.
  • Provide 105 training places for clinical staff to undergo resuscitation training.
  • Recruit 16 full-time equivalent advanced practice nurses as part-time clinical preceptors for junior nurses.
  • Provide clinical attachments to 12 nurses to PC unit at NTWC.

Enhance Service Supply

  • Provide 20 additional OT sessions at TMH.
  • Commence service for the intra-operative MRI at TMH.
  • Commence service for the hybrid OT and robotic assisted surgery services at TMH.
  • Provide 10 additional acute gynaecology beds and 30 additional extended care beds at TMH.
  • Provide two additional ICU beds at TMH.
  • Provide 40 additional acute surgical beds at POH.
  • Provide 20 additional extended care beds at TSWH.
  • Increase the GOPC quota by 4 750 at NTWC.
  • Enhance ophthalmology services at NTWC by providing 500 additional SOPC new case attendances.
  • Enhance capacity by providing services for 990 additional intravitreal injections at NTWC.
  • Provide services for 665 additional attendances for MRI scan at TMH.
  • Commence MR-Simulator service and provide services for 440 additional attendances to enhance service quality of radiotherapy at TMH.
  • Acquire MR-guided Focused Ultrasound machine at NTWC and set up service model and referral network for such services.
  • Implement clinical pharmacy services on discharge medication management for patients admitted to acute medical wards at POH.
  • Strengthen the medical manpower to enhance pathology services at NTWC.
  • Enhance the quality of cancer care by providing case management services to 100 additional patients newly diagnosed with urological cancer.
  • Provide nine additional hospital haemodialysis places for patients suffering from end-stage renal disease at NTWC.
  • Provide cluster-based 24-hour PPCI for eligible patients with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction at NTWC.