Topical Issue

Topical Issue : Proposed Rooftop Helipad in New Block


A rooftop helipad is proposed in the Technical Feasibility Statement of the New Block, which shall become the second helipad on Hong Kong Island and the third in HA, after Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital. The proposal has been submitted to relevant government departments for consideration and necessary follow-up.


  1. Speedy transfer of patients to QMH
    • Allow point-to-point transfer of patient to QMH
    • Reduce the chance of delay from traffic congestion during patients
  2. Lower Risk of Additional Transfer
    • Reduce the risk of deterioration of injury from onward movement by ambulance when crossing road bumps and unpaved roads
  3. Relief Ambulance Resource
    • Reduce the needs of ambulance for patients transfer from Wan Chai Heliport to QMH by ambulance (can be up to 20 minutes for each patient transfer)
  4. Location Advantage
    • An ideal drop-off point for injured survivors/ patients travelling from the south and southwest of Hong Kong
  5. Weather Alternative
    • Provide alternative landing location during poor visibility period at the east of Hong Kong in spring season
  6. Allow Multiple Casualties Transfer
    • Will be operated in parallel with PYNEH for multiple casualties transfer
  7. Environmental benefits
    • No additional foundation work for a rooftop helipad is required
    • Offer a longer separation distance from Proposed Helipad to the nearest noise sensitive receiver (NSR) compared with that at PYNEH
    • Reduce number of helicopter landings at PYNEH
  8. Uniqueness of QMH
    • One of the five major trauma centres in Hong Kong
    • Provide organ transplantation, neurosurgery, intensive care and paediatric surgical services. Medical services such as neonatal with major procedure, liver transplant, heart/lung transplant and aortic dissection are only available in QMH
Alternatives of Helipad Sittings

Alternatives of Helipad Sittings

Locations of Proposed Helipad & Existing Helipad in TMH, PYNEH & Wan Chai Helipad

Locations of Proposed Helipad & Existing Helipad in TMH, PYNEH & Wan Chai Helipad

Environmental Impact

As the helipad may have impact on the surrounding environment, it is a must to take extra care during planning with consideration of environmental protection factors.

An application for approval of environmental impact assessment (EIA) report for the A Rooftop Helipad at the Proposed New Block of Queen Mary Hospital has been submitted by Food and Health Bureau to the Director of Environmental Protection under section 6. (2) of the EIA Ordinance. The EIA report was exhibited for public to comment from 3 February 2017 to 4 March 2017 and was approved by Environmental Protection Department on 22 March 2017.

Application No: EIA-249/2016

Selected flight section for the proposed Helipad Aerial View

Selected flight section for the proposed Helipad (Aerial View)