The redevelopment of QMH, demonstrating how facilities and their configuration can support the new models of care and service directions has been defined. These include large floor plates for integrated multi-disciplinary clinical programmes, zonal arrangements enhancing the functional relationships of specific services (such as “hot floors” including AED, OTs, peri-operative services and ICU), a second access point for the hospital, consideration of circulation and vertical movements for better patient navigation and efficient workflows, storage and logistics, as well as dynamic and flexible use of space for multi-purpose functions and future proofing.

The New Block will provide additional space to meet operational needs, be adaptable to service developments, as well as promote integrated research and education.

A rooftop helipad will be provided in the New Block at QMH. It will enable a speedy transfer of patients in critical conditions to the hospital from sites where transportation by other means is deemed less effective under such circumstances.