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Being the obstetrics and gynecology hospitals of the Kowloon Central Cluster (KCC), the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Kwong Wah Hospital held the Breastfeeding Fun-day together this year. The theme of the 2018 Fun-day is: "Sharing successful stories and make breastfeeding easier!” This year we have held an election to reward colleagues, supervisors and unit departments that support breastfeeding. The reaction was very positive and the awards were given to colleagues and units that day. On the Fun-day, the physiotherapists have designed exercise in how to keep the body heavy and reduce the strain on caring baby. In addition, the Nurse Consultant (Breastfeeding) shared the history and experience of breastfeeding in Hong Kong. There were many interesting practices that mothers and society had experienced. Two practical lectures were held. A breastfeeding mother and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner share the dietary advice for different mothers of health status. The midwife of Kwong Wah Hospital also shared the method to assure adequate breastmilk.

QEH Baby-Friendly Fun day 2018

A joint event co-organized by QEH & KWH

2 MC from QEH & KWH

Practical Sharing

Best breastfeeding staff & A pair of Award Cups

The most breastfeeding supportive supervisor

The most breastfeeding supportive department

Physical therapist exercise demonstration activities

Sharing the breastfeeding history of Hong Kong

Photo Sharing

Activity Information

The 2017 of theme of Breastfeeding Fun-day is “Listening & Caring for Confidence in Breastfeeding”. Through the support of family and peers, mothers are more confident in breastfeeding and can sustain longer breastfeeding. In the Fun-day, there was a series of program: breastfeeding talk, drama, music performance, sharing from volunteers and successful touching stories and also there was an award for exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. Dr Ip Lai Sheung, Chairman of Committee on Baby-Friendly Health Facilities Designation Program, shared on the importance of breastfeeding support from hospital to community. QEH Paed consultant Dr. LEE Shuk Han had directed and performed a short drama with her colleagues, and the show brought a lot of laughter. We had invited clinical psychologists to explain the importance of loving relationship and how to promote good relationship among three generations. The physiotherapists shared with mothers some postpartum exercises to protect from the strain in caring babies and in postpartum period.

QEH Baby-Friendly Fun day 2017

The venue was full of colourful balloons.

The guests enjoyed the program.


Award to mothers who have exclusive breastfed 6 months

Physiotherapist's booth

Midwives taught parents on baby massage

A group of youngster played beautiful harp

Share the touching story in breastfeeding her very preterm baby

Our big team

Booth on yummy tea

Activity Introduction

After three-year hard work both Queen Elizabeth Hospital has gone through all the assessments and accreditation process and is awarded as a Baby-friendly Hospital on 8th May 2016. The award ceremony was held on 27 Aug 2016. The Award Certificate and the Plaque was presented by Dr. Shirley Leung (Chairman of Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative Hong Kong Association) and Dr. Patricia Ip (Chairman of Committee on Baby-friendly Health Care Facilities Designation) to Hospital Chief Executives Dr. Albert Lo and the Chairman of Hospital Governing Committee Dr. Kam Pok Man. Deputy Secretary of Food and Health Bureau, Professor Sophia Chan, has come to support and witness the award presentation. This is a great event that many guests from Head Office and hospitals, peer support groups, friends from our community, parents, and colleagues have come and celebrated. Queen Elizabeth Hospital is the first hospital in Hong Kong that receives this Designation. The designation shows that the standards of practice meet the WHO/UNICEF standards in promoting, supporting and protecting breastfeeding. The BFH Award demonstrates our hospital commitment in our belief and the effort to ensure that all parents can make informed decisions on infant feeding and get the support in giving the best feeding to their babies. We will continue to enhance our care and improve our practice standards through regular staff training and audits.

Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation Ceremony 2016

Dr. Shirley Leung and Dr. Patricia Ip presented the BFH certificate to Hospital Chief Executive and Chairman of Hospital Governing Committee.

Prof. Sophia Chan JP, acting Secretary of Health & Food Bureau witnessed the presentation of BFH certificate and plaque.

Lovely kids from QEH presented balloon flowers to our guests. Very cute!

Colleagues from Depts of Anaesthetics, Paediatrics and Obstetrics shared the practices modification in the BFH movement.

A mother shared her experience in caring and feeding her extremely premature 23-weeks-old daughter in neonatal ICU, till two years old.

Cake-cutting Ceremony

Colleagues shared with joy and excitement on the achievement in the BFH designation. Hurray!

Students of Diocesan Girls’ School presented two beautiful songs praising mother’s love. It was so touching!

A Huge Balloon Cake

Honorable Guests

Activity Introduction

This year’s Fun Day was held on 7 November. The main theme reflected the World Breastfeeding Week of 2015, which is “Breastfeeding and Work, Let’s make it work!” Besides game booths, talk, and exhibition, the event emphasized on the support to working moms. The Fun Day included 4 parts: breastfeeding aprons specially made by DGS’s students, staffs showed their gratitude and appreciation to the colleagues or supervisors who had supported breastfeeding, cooking demonstration, commend mothers who exclusively breastfeed for 6 months. The Event demonstrated that successful breastfeeding needs support from families, communities, working areas….

Breastfeeding Fun Day 2015

Professor Sophia Chan, Under Secretary for Food and Health Bureau gave the opening speech to the Breastfeeding Fun Day. Photos of guests

With the support from the Principal and teachers of DGS, students specially hand-made breastfeeding aprons as a gift to our Hospital. On that day, School Principal Mrs. Stella Lau, J.P., teachers, and students present two boxes of aprons to GM(N) Ms. Eva Liu.

Many staffs sustain breastfeeding after work. They thanked their bosses and colleagues on stage. It was touching and warm.


Both the colleagues and supervisors expressed, “Support breastfeeding is not difficult. We support it for the health of our next generation.”

Cooking demonstration by Ms. Lai King Wong, Hon. Advisor of CND. Guests showed thumb up after trying the soup!


Very attractive game booths. Colorful balloons with breastfeeding photo frame.

Exclusively-breastfed kids of 6 months


Activity Introduction

This year in 2014, our hospital has proudly organized “Breastfeeding Fun Fair Day” to promote and celebrate breastfeeding. The topic of this year is “Love, Breastfeeding and Nurturing”, regarding that breastfeeding and baby-friendly hospital initiative are built from a love, caring and supportive relationship. Breastfeeding not only promotes health to our next generation, it is also an excellent medium to nurture our babies at mom’s bosom. We held a graduation ceremony for our second “Ambulatory Care Centre College---Breastfeeding” on that day. More than that, we also invited mothers who exclusively breastfeed for 6 months starting from March 2014 to join our joyful Breastfeeding Fun Fair Day. With guests and families coming to our Fun Fair Day, together with different kinds of exciting game booths and tasteful snacks, it made our day fabulous and treasurable!

QEH Baby-Friendly Fun day 2014

Love, Breastfeeding and Nurturing

Event Phtots

Photo exhibition on “Love, Breastfeeding, Nurturing” and “Baby-Friendly Practice”

Dessert making competition, the winner goes to…..
He won the 1st prize in the dessert making competition!
QEH publishes cook book “Simple and Healthy Recipes for Mothers-to-be”, satisfying the whole family’s health
Sharing of couples of ACC College
Breastfeeding accessory booth was crowded with parents Graduation photo of all families of ACC College
Babies and Parents of exclusively breastfeed for 6 months Judges were seriously tasting the dessert
A very attentive angel Nightingale Club’s balloons added a lot of color for our Fun Fair Day
Mother-children matching Children were curious of taking caring of babies

Primary School Drawing Competition 2014


Higher primary school section

Y.C.H. Choi Hin To Primary School
5A 羅祉盈
1st runner-up 2nd runner-up
Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School
4D 曾愷晴
Y.C.H. Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School
4B 黃祉穎

Lower primary school section

Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School
1E 林澤新
1st runner-up 2nd runner-up
Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School
3E 曹釺洳
Y.C.H. Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School
3A 黃嘉怡

QEH Baby-Friendly Fun day 2013

Joy of Breastfeeding

Event Phtots

All the guests painted a beautiful design and this brought the “Primary School Breastfeeding Drawing Competition”. Chairman of Yau Tsim Mong Healthy City Executive Committee, Mr. YIP Wah presented souvenir to encourage QEH staff who breastfed.
Ella shared the joy of breastfeeding of her 5 kids. A live-band performance conducted by the gifted family !
With all their effort, it brought the success of the function. A group of breastfeeding colleagues demonstrated “Healthy baby, Happy mom”.
It got a big laugh when Prince of Music (Phoebus) shared his support in breastfeeding in a humorous way. CCE of KCC Dr. Hung Chi Tim presented souvenir to mothers who have exclusively breastfed for 3 months.

QEH Baby-Friendly Fun day 2012

Breastmilk DIY, Nurse babies with Love

Event Phtots

Mother’s milk is liquid Love. Our booths are ready!
Yummy! Black Bean Tea. I love pop corn!
They won in the breastfeeding quiz My grandson is breastfed!
Our guest showed a long poster on comparing the composition of breastmilk and formula milk. What a big difference! We gather to support breastfeeding.
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