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Q. When is the works for the PWH Phase II Redevelopment project expected to commence and complete?

PWH Phase II Redevelopment will be carried out in two stages. Stage 1 (i.e. In-patient Extension Block) is targeted for completion in 2027. The planning for Stage 2 will commence in due course for the construction of a new Ambulatory Care Centre and Cancer Centre, having regard to the scheduled completion of Stage 1.

For more details, please refer to ˇ§Project Timeline (Tentative)ˇ¨.

Q. What benefits will PWH Phase II Redevelopment bring?

Upon the completion of PWH Phase II Redevelopment, additional space and larger floor area will be provided to fulfill operation and future service development need, as well as to facilitate the advancement of research and teaching. Around 450 additional beds and 16 operating theatres are expected to be provided upon the completion of Stage 1.

Q. Upon the completion of PWH Phase II Redevelopment, what services will be provided? Are there any newly-added/expanded services and facilities?

Upon the completion of PWH Phase II Redevelopment, services to be provided will include clinical services (e.g. Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Accident & Emergency, Clinical Oncology, etc.), ambulatory care (e.g. Specialist Outpatient Clinics and Community Health Centre), allied health services (e.g. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, etc.) as well as teaching and training service (e.g. Clinical Research Centre).

There will be 16 additional operating theatres, expanded endoscopy centre, day operation suites and enhanced cardiac catheterisation facility in the new In-patient Extension Block to be built under Stage 1. There will also be increased capacity for neonatal intensive care, central sterile supplies, day care, diagnostic radiology and allied health services.

Apart from that, the programme floor concept will be introduced in the new In-patient Extension Block where there will be designated floors for cross-specialtiesˇ¦ shared use.

Q. During the course of the redevelopment, will the operation and service of PWH be affected?

The redevelopment will be carried out in-situ but the works will be conducted based on the principle that clinical services will not be affected as far as possible. PWH will remain functional at all times and any disruption of services, if unavoidable, will be kept to a minimum.

Q. Will demolishing some of the quarter blocks and old hospital blocks cause any impact to the hospital services?

Non-clinical back offices currently located at Staff Quarters Blocks A, C and D will be relocated to Staff Quarters Block B and the Decanting Building at the Shatin Hospital to maintain the continuity of supporting services for PWH. The operation of clinical services will not be affected.

Q. What mitigation measures to reduce noise impact will be taken while demolition and foundation works are carried out?

Instead of using traditional excavator-mounted concrete breaker, quieter equipment including hydraulic crusher and large diameter bored piles will be used in the demolition and foundation works for PWH Phase II Redevelopment, which can reduce noise impact. Noise barriers will also be erected along the site boundaries to keep environmental impacts to communities in the vicinity to a minimum.

Q. How can air pollution be minimized during the works period?

The contractor will adopt a series of dust control measures, including using dust screen, watering exposed site surfaces, setting up automatic water spraying system and wheel-wash basin at site.

Q. What steps will be taken to keep the sites tidy and clean?

The contractor will step up mosquito prevention and control measures at the works site, including spraying mosquito larvicidal, installing mosquito repelling lights, removing stagnant water and keeping open surfaces and drainage channels clean on a regular basis. Refuse bins containing food waste will be covered properly and cleared every day. At the same time, to reinforce the rodent prevention measures, construction materials/ refuse would be segregated timely without prolonged storage.

Q. What is the estimated cost for the preparatory work for PWH Phase II Redevelopment (Stage 1)?

The cost for the preparatory work for PWH Phase II Redevelopment is estimated to be around HK$ 1.2311 billion (in money-of-the-day prices).

Q. How can people in the neighbourhood and members of the public know more about the works-related issues on the hospital redevelopment plan and give their views?

The hospital has set up a Community Liaison Group consisting of representatives from ownersˇ¦ committees as well as management offices of nearby residential estates, neighbouring villages, schools, NGOs, patientsˇ¦ groups, district councilors, district area committee and government departments to make sure that the neighbourhood stays abreast of the work progress. For details of the activities of the Community Liaison Group, please go to the page onˇ§ Community Liaison Groupˇ¨.

The hospital will also update the stakeholders through the regular bulletin ˇ§Bridgeˇ¨.

For any views and enquiries on the construction works, please contact us via the following methods:

By phone: 3505 4449 / 3505 4481
By fax: 2647 5854
By email:pwh_enquiry@ha.org.hk