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  • To ensure that all staff of the Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) understand their role and responsibilities in supporting expectant and new mothers to feed and care for their infants in ways which support strong loving parent-infant relationships and optimum physical and emotional health outcomes for children and mothers.
  • To provide mother and family centred care that parents¡¦ decisions are respected and they are supported as partners in care.
  • To work together across disciplines and organisations to improve parents¡¦ experiences of care.
  • To maintain the consistency of care and avoid conflicting advice to mothers across all healthcare professionals.
  • To develop a breastfeeding culture throughout PWH.
  • To enable a supportive environment and facilities for mothers to give exclusive breastfeeding to their infants for six months and then as part of their infants¡¦ diet to the end of the first two years and beyond.