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How do you know your baby is getting enough milk?

How do you know your baby is getting enough milk? Poster

  • Feeding on cues;
  • Not restrict feeding time; suggest suckling both breasts each feed,
  • 8-12 feeds a day on average in the first several days
  • After the milk "comes-in", feed your baby on one breast first.
  • Then, feed him/her with the other breast if needed
  • After birth, stomach size of baby will be similar to a marble about 5-7 ml in volume
  • On the 3rd day, the size will be similar to a table tennis with volume of 22-27 ml
  • On the 10th day, the stomach will be around 60-81 ml in volume

Estimate the volume of urine from the episode of wet napkin

  • 1st 24 hours, wet napkin x 1
  • 24 ¡V 48 hours, wet napkin x 2
  • 3rd day, wet napkin x 3
  • 4th day, wet napkin x 5
  • 5th day and after, wet napkin > 6

The color of urine is clear and yellowish

Colour of Stool

  • 1st 24 hours, dark / deep greenish 2/3 times
  • 3/ 4th day, brownish / greenish yellow, 2- 3 times
  • 5th day, yellowish , varies

Your baby loses a bit of weight normally in the first few days after birth.

By the first 1 to 2 weeks, your baby will regain the birth weight, and then gain at least 0.5 kg per month in the first 4 months.

Check with medical and nursing staff if in doubt.