What are the causes of early psychosis?

  A: These can be divided into hereditary and acquired factors. Acquired factors include disease triggers susceptible to the influence of stress, misuse of drugs and environmental factors.


Is early psychosis a serious chronic mental illness?

  A: No. It is the early stage in the development of an abnormal mental condition. However, if it is not detected and treated promptly, it can develop into several types of mental illnesses.


Why is early detection and intervention so important?


Treatment is more effective if early psychosis is detected at its initial stage. Furthermore, the treatment experience will be less traumatic, and he or she will be more likely to make a full recovery and be able to resume normal life. On the other hand, if detection and treatment are delayed, the patient's condition may develop into a mental illness that will require a longer period of treatment. They will also be more likely to exhibit negative symptoms that will make it more difficult for them to resume normal life, even after they have recovered.

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