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History and Introduction

Picture 1 of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Old Appearance
Picture 2 of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Old Appearance
Picture 3 of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Old Appearance


Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) started its service 1963 at the height of immigration from the Chinese mainland and huge population growth. At that time, it was managed by the Medical and Health Department of the Hong Kong Government. Over the next thirty years it became the major hospital in central Kowloon, and the centre of tertiary referral from all over Hong Kong. In 1991, the Hospital Authority (HA), a Statutory Body, was established. The HA took over the management of all public hospitals in Hong Kong in 1992. Since then, QEH was jointly managed by the Hospital Authority and her own QEH Hospital Governing Committee.


QEH is the largest hospital under the management of the Hospital Authority and offers a full complement of services to Hong Kong people. Located in the heart of Kowloon, QEH operates a 24-hour Accident and Emergency service and a full spectrum of specialist services. It provides medical care in both inpatient and specialist outpatient services. QEH is also a referral centre of the major specialties.

Vision Mission Value

  • In Life we Share
  • In Health we Care
  • In Excellence we Fare
  • To Pursue Excellence in Health Services
  • We deliver quality health service to our clients
  • We partner with the community to provide holistic care
  • We train healthcare professionals to pursue excellence
  • We promote learning culture, research and innovations
  • R espect
  • E mpathy
  • S haring
  • P rofessionalism
  • E fficiency
  • C reativity
  • T rust


The Hospital Governing Committee of QEH was established in 1992 by the Hospital Authority Board to assist the Hospital Authority to oversee the management and operation of the Hospital. Members of the Hospital Governing Committee are community members nominated by the Hospital Authority. The membership list is as follows :

Dr KAM Pok-man, BBS
Prof Gladys CHEING
Ms Maisy HO, BBS
Mr KU Moon-lun
Dr Peter LEE
Mr James YIP
Mr Duncan CHIU
Ms KWAN Sau-ling
Prof David NG
Dr YU Yuk-ling
Ex-officio Members
Dr Albert C Y LO, Cluster Chief Executive, KCC / Hospital Chief Executive, QEH
Dr Johnny CHAN, Deputy Hospital Chief Executive (Professional Services) / Chief of Service (Medicine), QEH

Organisation Structure

Cluster Chief Executive /
Hospital Chief Executive
Dr Albert LO
DHCE (Operations), QEH Dr K W TANG
DHCE (Corp Affairs), QEH Dr Steven WONG
DHCE (Prof Serv), QEH Dr Johnny CHAN
General Managers (GM)
  • Administrative Services: Ms Susanna KO
  • Finance: Ms Yvonne CHAN
  • Human Resources: Ms Michelle CHOW
  • Nursing: Ms LI Wah Chun
Service Directors (SD)
  • Quality & Safety: Dr Osburga CHAN
Chief of Services (COS)
  • COS (A&E): Dr H F HO
  • COS (Anaes & OTS): Dr K C LUI
  • COS (Clin. Onc.): Dr K H WONG
  • COS (DR&I): Dr Jeffrey CHIU
  • COS (FM&PHC): Dr Y C LI
  • COS (ICU): Dr Anne LEUNG
  • COS (Med): Dr Johnny CHAN
  • COS (O&G): Dr Dr W H LI
  • COS (O&T): Dr Wilson LI
  • COS (Paed): Dr Betty BUT
  • COS (Path): Dr Alex CHAN
  • COS (Surg): Dr K H KWOK
Department Managers (DM) /
In-charge (i/c)
  • Clinical Psychology: Dr Iris CHAN
  • Dietetics: Ms Sandy CHANG
  • Occupational Therapy: Ms Eva MA
  • Pharmacy: Mr Kenneth LAW
  • Physiotherapy: Dr Andy CHAN
  • Podiatry: Ms Nicole LAM
  • Prosthetic & Orthotic: Mr David CHUNG
  • Medical Social Services: Ms Mary LEE
  • Speech Therapy: Ms Irene KWOK

Code on Access to Information

  1. The Hospital Authority (HA) has designated a Hospital Authority Head Office (HAHO) Access to Information Officer who is responsible for ensuring requests for access to information are properly dealt with in accordance with specific procedures.
  2. Requests for information or records held by the HA may be made by letter or application form (PDF / MS Word) obtained from the Ground Floor Reception Counter of the Hospital Authority Building, 147B Argyle Street, Kowloon. The application should be addressed to -

    For information on HA or more than one HA hospital or institution:

    HAHO Access to Information Officer
    Hospital Authority
    147B Argyle Street Kowloon
    For information concerning only one hospital:

    Hospital Access to Information Officer at address shown on the attached list of the application form

    Details of the Code on Access to Information are available for perusal at the Code's website.

  3. The following information is available for public inspection at the Ground Floor Reception Counter, Hospital Authority Building, 147B Argyle Street, Kowloon:
    • Organisation charts of the HA (in English);
    • A list of information by category held by the Hospital Authority (in English);
    • A list of information published or made available free of charge (in English/Chinese);
    • A set of administrative procedures for handling requests for information under the Code (in English).
  4. Other than publications which are available free of charge, the following photocopying (black and white) charge, which is subject to revision, will be levied:
    A4 size paper at $1.2 per copy;
    A3 size paper at $1.4 per copy
  5. For enquiries, please call 2300 6555 during office hours.

Baby Friendly Hospital

Picture 1 of Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation Ceremony
Picture 2 of Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation Ceremony
Picture 3 of Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation Ceremony

Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a "Baby-Friendly Hospital"

The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is a global initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF launched in 1991. It aims to give every baby the best start in life by creating a health care environment that supports breastfeeding as the norm.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital firmly believes that breastfeeding offers enormous and irreplaceable health benefits to both mothers and children and has always promoted and supported breastfeeding. The Hospital adopts the recommendations of the “Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding” and the “International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes” by “UNICEF” and “WHO” in the Hospital Policy.

We train our staff, actively initiate and implement mother and baby-friendly services and do our best to help parents make informed decisions on infant feeding. The Hospital started with the Baby-Friendly Hospital accreditation process in 2013. We have successfully gone through different levels of assessment and accreditation in staff training and clinical service. The Hospital is designated as a “Baby-Friendly Hospital” in May 2016, and which is the first in Hong Kong. We will maintain regular monitoring and commit to improve our service for maternal and child health.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Baby-Friendly Hospital Website