Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps
BookHA iOS    Android
BookHA provides a mobile platform for the public to submit application for Hospital Authority Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOPC) new case appointment. The app covers the specialties of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat, Eye, Gynaecology, Medicine, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics & Traumatology, and Surgery.
DM Care
DM Care iOS    Android
DM Care provides tips on diabetes care helping patients manage the disease. Users can record blood glucose level and monitor the disease after they enter personal information into the app. The app will also help users set reminders to measure blood glucose level, take medicine or follow-up consultation.
Fall Prevention
Fall Prevention iOS   
Fall Prevention provides you with expert advice on common traps of fall and prevent fall and injury especially for the elderly. An online game called The Fall Prevention is also available on Smart Patient Website. Download now!
Finding Patient Groups
Finding Patient Groups iOS    Android
Patients and families can now search information on disease and patient groups through Hospital Authority’s mobile app Finding Patient Groups anytime and anywhere. Finding Patient Groups enables patients and families to share experiences with their peers and gain mutual support and encouragement. Act now!
HA Touch
HA Touch iOS    Android
The Hospital Authority (HA) mobile application HA Touch provides notifications on public healthcare services and activities. The app also provides handy access to useful contacts of public hospitals and clinics, fees and charges, waiting time for Accident & Emergency Departments, elective surgery and specialist out-patient services new case booking.
HApi Journey
HApi Journey iOS    Android
The Hospital Authority HApi Journey mobile application provides useful pregnancy information for moms-to-be. You may also record your health situation via this application.
Stoma Care
Stoma Care iOS    Android
The app provides information on stoma care, including "understand your stoma", "stoma care", "daily life" and "companion". Users can also enter personal stoma data and related information. In addition, users can set up reminders in the programme on personal care. The programme will issue automatic alerts according to the set-up.
TouchMed iOS    Android

TouchMed provides useful pharmacy and drug-related information. It shows the medicine collection status at different Hospital Authority (HA) pharmacies and allows you to check if your medicines are ready anytime anywhere (for same-day ticket numbers only). By setting notification alert, TouchMed will alert you as soon as your medicine is ready for collection.

TouchMed also provides information on the drugs dispensed by HA and general medication tips on the use of medicines. Simply scan the barcode on drug label for instant access to specific drug information.