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Provision of HA data for Research

Application Procedure


We have [Standard Procedures] and [Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS)] that are applicable to all data request applications and there are two options under the current Mechanism, namely Option A and Option B with details as follows.

If applications are accepted by the panel, an [Undertaking Form] which sets out the terms and conditions applicable to the use of Data will have to be signed before work commences.

Option A: Expedited Approach

The expedited approach has been designed to cover frequently asked data items with a view to expediting and streamlining the workflow and to provide researchers with an additional choice if it can meet their study purpose.

All requestors can opt to specify a set of aggregated summary data by multiple dimensions by simply selecting data measurements and classification dimensions on an easy-to-fill-in catalogue. The catalogue includes choice of aggregated summary data from five pre-defined datasets of different HA core services (see Guidance Notes for details). The charge for processing the application will normally be $15,000 or above, depending on the data selection and specification, and it will be lower as compared to Option B.

Upon submission of all the necessary documents, we will proceed with the vetting process provided that no further clarifications are required. Data will normally be ready for collection within 2 weeks of payment settlement.

Project Information Sheet
Project Information Sheet
Data Request Application Form A (Expedited Approach)
Inpatients (IP)
Accident & Emergency (A&E) attendances
Specialist Outpatient (SOP) attendances
General Outpatient (GOP) attendances
Singleton Live Births (BIRTHS)


Option B: Customised Approach


The customised approach is applicable if the requestor requires patient-based records or aggregated summary data in a format other than those listed in Data Request Application Form A. As compared to Option A, this approach will cater for those applications usually with extensive and complex data requirements. Therefore, a longer turnaround time is often required for clarifying and finalising on requestors’ specific data requirements; and the charge for processing the application will normally be $60,000 or above, which varies with the complexity of the request.

Data Request Application Form B (Customised Approach)
Data Request Application Form B (Customised Approach)


Last revision date: 10 August 2022

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