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Inpatient Service

There are Infirmary Unit and Disabled Unit in Cheshire Home, Shatin. Infirmary Unit provides infirmary care to patients from Central Infirmary Wait List; Disabled Unit provides home like environment to residents with abilities of self-care. Severely disabled persons without self-care ability will be arranged in wards where continuous high quality care will be provided. Disabled Unit also provide respite and halfway house service. Respite service provides temporary short term in-hospital service to disables, as to relieve the stress of families and carers. The purpose of halfway house is to relieve the pressure of hospital bed of the New Territories East Cluster by providing rehabilitation service to patient with temporary discharge difficulties due to home arrangement.

Caring model of primary nursing was adopted by nursing team in order to provide holistic and patient-centered care. The primary nurse of each patient will formulate specific nursing care plan and follow up the progress of rehabilitation. Regular multidisciplinary team rounds and case conferences are carried out to formulate rehabilitation plan for patients.

Besides basic nursing care, nursing team also provides specific wound care, fall prevention as well as carer training to patients, families and carers. Moreover, conductive education and music entertainment program were introduced to enhance the quality of life of patients.

Pamphlet of Halfway House Service
Pamphlet of Respite Service
Pamphlet of Long Stay Service