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Infection Control Measures

The Hospital Authority has activated the Emergency Response Level in public hospitals to tie in with the Government raising the response level from ˇ§Seriousˇ¨ to ˇ§Emergencyˇ¨ in response to the latest situation of Novel Coronavirus. A series of special measures have been implemented to enhance infection control:

  1. No visiting in all wards
  2. Clean your hands before and after visiting hospital
  3. Wear a surgical mask in all hospital areas
  4. Perform temperature check as required by hospital
  5. Visitors may be required to provide personal information for future follow-up

Note: please refer to the following video or leaflet for the proper procedures to clean hands and wear surgical masks

Emergency Response Level

Proper use of surgical mask

Proper use of alcohol-based handrub

A quick guide to visitors - perform hand hygiene to keep germs away

  • Video (Cantonese narration with English and Chinese subtitles)

Updated on 26 January 2020