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Pok Oi Hospital

Pok Oi Hospital (POH) provides 24-hour acute services including 24-hour Accident & Emergency Department and more than 400 acute beds.


Pok Oi Hospital was established in 1919 by the Pok Oi Hospital Board. Pok Oi Hospital was an ex-subvented hospital, but formally became a HA hospital in December 1991. The Pok Oi Hospital redevelopment and expansion project had a capital funding of HKD2.1 billion and was completed in 2007. Pok Oi Hospital had since become a specialist centre in the Cluster.

A Brand New Concept

Pok Oi Hospital

The new hospital is a 13-storey building including one and a half level of basement, five storeys of podium floors and seven floors with three wards on each floor; Accident & Emergency Department, Specialist Out-patient Department, 700 in-patient beds, Operating Theatre suite, Radiology Department, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pathology, Pharmacy, Central Sterile Supplies Department, Kitchen, Canteen and car-parking spaces.

The "FINE" principle is adopted in the design of the Pok Oi Hospital.

"F" represents Family-based

The hospital lays emphasis on the family-based concept. There is a living room in most of the wards, providing more space for patients and their families.

"I" represents Information Technology Driven;

The hospital adopts Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Images can be transmitted immediately to various departments; hence patients can be diagnosed faster.

"N" represents Networking with Community;

The hospital aims at providing enhanced health care and support to the community. The establishment of Community Health Centre provides health education and information to the community.

The Community Health Centre enables patients and public to obtain health information in a comfortable setting. Service covers patient support group, community health educational activities and hospital volunteer service.

"E" represents Environmental Friendly & Healing. Environmental protection and energy saving are the emphasis of the new hospital design. Energy and water saving facilities and utilization of environmental friendly materials are used. Each ward is triangular-shaped to facilitate observation of patients by the medical and nursing staff at the central nursing station.


Pok Oi Ambulatory Services Centre

It provides one-stop mixed specialty services, which include the New Territories West Cluster Breast Services Centre, the Ambulatory Gynaecology Centre, Endoscopy Unit, Electromedical Diagnostic Unit, Short Stay Ward and Day Ward.

Specialist Out-patient Clinics

It provides services including Medicine & Geriatrics, Surgery, Orthopaedics & Traumatology and Gynaecology. There is also a Family Medicine Clinic. Cluster centre of specialized services are located in POH, including: New Territories West Diabetes Centre, Family Medicine Centre, Ambulatory Gynaecology Centre and Rheumatology Assessment & Treatment Centre.

Allied Health Services

The services include Dietetics, Speech Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Medical Social Services, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetic & Orthotic and Pharmacy.

Radiology Services

The services include General Radiography, Computed Tomography, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasonography, Mammography, Interventional Radiography and Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS).

Pathology Services

The services include core laboratory service, Blood Bank, Haematology, Chemistry Pathology, Microbiology, etc. Some of the Anatomical & Cellular Pathology procedures are also conducted.

Due to the sophistication of micro-surgery, POH focuses on the development of ambulatory surgery centre. Hence, patients can receive surgery and be discharged in the least traumatic way and within the shortest time. Most of the non-urgent cases are now transferred to POH. In this regard, waiting time are much shortened.