TV ‘Heirs’ provide valuable lessons on need for good succession planning

The Korean television drama ‘The Heirs’ has captured the attention of audiences across Asia, including in Hong Kong. One of the subjects it has covered is that of corporate leadership succession. But this isn’t just an issue for private-sector enterprises. Good succession planning is a prerequisite for any organisation seeking long-term success.

As part of the Hospital Authority’s efforts to maintain a high standard of service and prepare future generations of leaders, HA Chief Executive PY Leung recently held another of his ‘management classes’ for Executive Officer Grade colleagues, during which he shared his experience and advice in reference to five key leadership considerations identified by Harvard Business Review.

Following widespread laughter provoked by the showing of some footage of interviews, he asked whether the characteristics on display provided good examples of the five components of emotional intelligence under discussion.

PY also noted that some people find it difficult to consider or respect opinions and beliefs that are different from their own. He encouraged his ‘students’ to build a diverse social network of friends as this helps to develop a broader view. He added that some of us may not yet know ourselves very well and misunderstand our strengths and weaknesses. Personally speaking, I certainly know myself better thanks to PY’s advice!醫院管理局

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