Can the homemade earplugs help shield the roaring bang?

Can the homemade earplugs help shield the roaring bang?

HA drummers ‘plug the holes’ to give thunderous Convention performance

The 2014 Hospital Authority Convention quite literally went with a bang thanks to the skills and dedication of a group of HA colleagues. Putting down their usual stethoscopes, syringes and other tools of the healthcare trade, members of this talented team picked up drumsticks to offer a heart-stirring welcome to this year’s Convention attendees.

After the popularity of a similar performance last year, the drummers were again asked to uplift the spirits of everyone in the large Convention hall. And with only eight hours of formal training behind them, the team’s rhythmic ‘wall of sound’ certainly received an enthusiastic response.

However, while the high-decibel performance generated an invigorating energy on the day, the same volume of thunderous noise in the confines of the group’s small practice space was less desirable. Curious to know their ‘creative’ approach to protecting their hearing? Fashioning homemade earplugs from tissue paper! Other sacrifices for the cause included braving the hazards of flying drumsticks, hitting one’s own fingers, and painful blisters from hours of practice.

Still, it wasn’t all tales of woe – a number of the drummers were happy to report that the exertions of their musical training also helped them to lose weight! 醫院管理局

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