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E.A.S.Y. Service
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The E.A.S.Y. (Early Assessment Service for Young People with Early Psychosis) Programme is a service programme for people suffering from early psychosis. If a case who is suffering from early psychosis fails to receive prompt treatment, it may have severe repercussions on his or her psychological, physical and social development. Apart from conducting educational campaigns to raise the public's awareness about early psychosis and its symptoms, the Programme also offers a one-stop, open-style service that enables those seeking medical attention to obtain early assessment and treatment in an appropriate setting.

The E.A.S.Y. Programme emphasizes early detection and effective intervention for psychosis. And the programme has extended to serve patients aged from 15 to 64.

Scope of Services

Extensive Public Education

To identify its symptoms, the public first needs to know exactly what early psychosis is. This will enable them to observe family members, colleagues and friends who may be suffering from it and refer them for treatment. The E.A.S.Y. Programme aims to strengthen the public's understanding of:

  1. What early psychosis is
  2. How it can be identified, and how suspected sufferers can be referred for treatment
  3. The importance of early treatment

The Programme uses various types of mass media and websites to provide information about early psychosis and its treatment to social workers, teachers, doctors, parents and members of the public. It also conducts seminars and workshops, and operates a hotline for the public's inquiries and referral services: 29-283-283 and a website:

Early Referral and Assessments

The public may refer suspected early psychosis cases via the hotline and the website, or by contacting the service centre directly. Once a case has been referred to us, we will provide the potential client with assessments that will make it possible to offer direct and suitable treatment at the earliest possible time.

Continuous Treatment Services

Our service centre has a multi-disciplinary medical team consisting of doctors, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists and medical social workers etc. These professionals provide tailor-made therapeutic solutions for early psychosis patients, including medication, psychological therapy and rehabilitation plans. The aim is to help patients resume a normal life, while limiting the adverse effects of their condition on them and their family members.

E.A.S.Y. Clinic

For booking arrangement of E.A.S.Y. new case, please contact 29 283 283.

Service Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:48 pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday Closed

Contact Us

Tel. No.: 2456 7174
Fax No.: 2949 7208
Hospital Authority E.A.S.Y. Service Hotline: 29 283 283
HA E.A.S.Y. Service website: