International Classification of Diseases

International Classification of Diseases (ICD) compiled by World Health Organization (WHO) is used to classify diseases and code diagnoses. In Hong Kong, ICD-9 (the 9th Revision of ICD) and ICD-10 (the 10th Revision of ICD) are commonly used to code malignant cancer cases. For the sake of consistency, those primarily based on ICD-9 are converted to grouped ICD-10 codes.

With increasing emphases on unifying the cancer grouping and terminology, HKCaR has revised a new cancer grouping with the collaboration of the Government Department of Health. The purpose of the table is to group the sites that are treated as a single site / group when disseminating cancer statistics to the public in most circumstances.

In this page, you may search the cancer sites or groups and the corresponding (grouped) ICD-10 / ICD-9 diagnosis codes. E.g. if you want to know the ICD codes for breast cancer, then simply type "breast" in the search engine below.

ICD-10 diagnosis code ICD-9 diagnosis code Cancer site / group
C00-97 140-208 All sites
C00-97 (except C44) 140-208 (except 173) All sites except non-melanoma skin
Lip, oral cavity and pharynx
C00-14 140-149 Lip, oral cavity and pharynx
C00-14 (except C11) 140-149 (except 147) Lip, oral cavity and pharynx except nasopharynx
C00 140 Lip, vermilion
C01-02 141 Tongue
C03-06 143-145 Oral cavity
C07-08 142 Salivary glands
C09-10 146 Tonsil, oropharynx
C11 147 Nasopharynx
C12, C13 148 Hypopharynx
C14 149 Pharynx, other and ill-defined sites
Digestive organs
C15-26 150-159 Digestive organs
C15 150 Oesophagus
C16 151 Stomach
C17 152 Small intestine
C18-21 153-154 Colorectum
C18 153 Colon
C19-21 154 Rectum / Anus
C22 155 Liver
C23-24 156 Gallbladder and extrahepatic bile duct
C25 157 Pancreas
Respiratory system
C30-39 160-165 Respiratory system
C30-31 160 Nasal cavity, middle ear and accessory sinuses
C32 161 Larynx
C33-34 162 Trachea, bronchus and lung
C37-38 163-164 Thymus / other thoracic organs
Bone, skin and soft tissue
C40-49 (except C48) 170-173,176 Bone, skin, mesothelial and soft tissue
C40-41, C47, C49 170,171 Bone and soft tissue
C40-41 170 Bone and cartilage
C43 172 Melanoma of skin
C44 173 Non-melanoma skin
C45 N/A Mesothelioma
C47, C49 171 Connective and soft tissue
C46 176 Kaposi's sarcoma
Breast and genital organs
C50 174-175 Breast
C51-58 179-184 Female genital organs
C51-52, C57.7-57.9 184 Vagina, vulva / other female genital organs
C53 180 Cervix uteri
C54 182 Corpus uteri
C55 179 Uterus and unspecified
C56, C57.0-57.4 183 Ovary etc. (Include ovaries, fallopian tubes and ovarian ligaments etc.)
C58 181 Placenta
C60-63 185-187 Male genital organs
C60, C63 187 Penis / other male genital organs
C61 185 Prostate
C62 186 Testis
Urinary organs
C64-68 188-189 Urinary organs
C64-66, C68 189 Kidney and other urinary organs except bladder
C67 188 Bladder
Eye, brain and central nervous system, endocrine glands
C69-75 190-194 Eye, brain and central nervous system, endocrine glands
C69 190 Eye
C70-72 191-192 Brain, nervous system
C73 193 Thyroid gland
C74-75 194 Other endocrine glands
Lymphatic and haematopoietic tissue
C81-95 200-208 Lymphoid and haematopoietic tissue
C81 201 Hodgkin lymphoma
C82-85 200,202 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
C90 203 Multiple myeloma
C91-95 204-208 Leukaemia

Note: Cancer related diagnosis codes not listed above are grouped into "Other and unspecified".

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