Established in 1963, the Hong Kong Cancer Registry (HKCaR) is a population-based registry committed to collecting and conducting analyses on data from all cancer cases in Hong Kong, and providing data resources to support planning and evaluation of cancer services in the healthcare system.

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October 2017
▪ Overview of cancer statistics in 2015
▪ Statistics and facts of common cancers in 2015
▪ Top Ten Cancers in 2015
▪ Top Five Cancers by Age (New)
▪ Cancer Statistics Query Systems (Data up to 2015)
   1. All ages
   2. Children and Adolescents
December 2016
▪ Release of E-mail Notification Service

10 most common cancers
in Hong Kong in 2015

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Cancer Facts

A series of fact sheets describe statistical summaries and trends of frequently-requested cancer statistics.

Cancer Statistics Query Systems

Interactive query systems provide access to local cancer incidence and mortality statistics.

Last updated: 24 Aug 2018.