CanSQS - Children and Adolescents

This page provides access to local cancer incidence statistics among children and adolescents.

Step 1: Select demographics and year range

Sex:    Both       Male       Female

Age range (years):    0-14       0-18       0-19

Year range:      -   (Data since 2001)

Step 2: Select one or more cancer groups listed below Leukaemia
Brain and spinal tumors
Sympathetic nervous system tumor
Renal tumor
Liver tumor
Malignant bone tumor
Soft tissue sarcoma
Germ-cell and gonadal tumors
Carcinomas and epithelial neoplasms
All of above (Include "Other & unspecified tumors")
Step 3: Select the standard population (This optional item is for calculation of age-standardized rates)

Standard population:    World (Segi 1960)     World (WHO 2000)     US 2000     Euro 1976     Euro 2013

Step 4: Select the output format

Output format:    by year and age group     by cancer group and age group     by cancer group and year


Unlike cancers occurring in adults, cancers in children and adolescents are classified by morphology rather than by the site of the tumor. Data are primarily classified into 11 major cancer groups according to the International Classification of Childhood Cancer (ICCC) (Kramarova et al., 1996). Due to the rarity of cancer in children and adolescents, incidence rates are generally expressed per 1,000,000.