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Service Philosophy

  • Quality Patient-Centered Care - This is not only confined to professional and effective medical treatments but also environmental and inter-personal side, such as access, accommodation, attitude and the building of trust between patients and hospital staff.

  • Collaboration and Integration - It is believed that through collaboration both with partner hospitals and other health care providers, the best continuity and quality care can be delivered to our patients, and ultimately re-integrating them back into community and achieving seamless health care.

  • Partnership - Our direction will focus on participative partnership with patients, family members and welfare and community organizations so that available resources in the community can be best utilized to maximize health benefits. Support the family in their care giving, education to other care providers, health promotion programmes with community organizations and support employment are some of the activities to be implemented.

  • Staff Development - Quality professional staff are the key asset and driving force on providing quality health care services. The Hospital will provide extensive and comprehensive professional and management training opportunity to our staff to face the challenge of the changing health care environment.