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Special Features

  • The Hospital is a purpose-built hospital which is planned to meet the need in New Territories East (NTE) for assessment, rehabilitation and extended care for the elderly and the chronically ill in various specialties such as medicine, geriatrics, chest, stroke and neurology, psychiatry, general orthopaedic, spinal cord injury rehabilitation and infirmary services.
  • Being a member of the NTE Cluster, the hospital provides a full spectrum of integrated rehabilitation services and works closely with hospitals in the area to ensure continuity of quality patient centered care. The Hospital also aims at collaborating and interfacing with other health services providers and carers in the community as well as community organizations to initiate joint programmes to promote health and long term care.
  • The hospital complex has a gross floor area of about 39,000m2 and consists of the Main Block and the Multicentre. Much open space is also planned as soft landscaping and seating area for the rehabilitation as well as space for exercise and physical activities for patients.