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The Cheshire Home Shatin is the second home built by Hong Kong Cheshire Home Foundation. It started operation in March 1991 and its management was taken over by the Hospital Authority in December 1991. It was built to provide extended care and rehabilitation services to persons with temporary or permanent physical disabilities. It has commenced to admit infirmary patients from the Central Infirmary Waiting List since June 2004. It provides a unique facility by combining a hospital block on the lower level and the chalet home area on the upper level. The Hospital provides maintenance rehabilitation to patients in a homely environment, maintaining their physical, psychological and vocational well-being so that they can live a dignified life and remain active members of the community for as long as possible.

We provide professional medical and nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and dietetic services to residents. Family members of residents are invited to participate in developing the care plans.

We aspire to become a Centre of Excellence for infirmary care. The accreditation by the Hong Kong College of Physicians has gained us the status of a recognized training centre of Geriatric Medicine, Basic Physician and Advanced Internal Medicine. Through continuous conduct of meaningful clinical research and interchange of experience with other researchers and experts, we aim to provide quality long-term care by practicing evidence-based medicine that will set new standard for service providers in the same field.