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Allied Health

Physiotherapy Department


The physiotherapy department is part of the rehabilitation team in Cheshire Home Shatin. We aim to provide suitable and high quality physiotherapy to our patients as to maximize independence, minimize functional deterioration and promote social integration.

Scope of Service

  1. Provides chest physiotherapy to maintain the lung function of the patients.
  2. Provides strengthening exercise, stretching exercise and cardiovascular training to maintain and improve the strength and co-ordination of muscles, the range of movement of joints and cardiovascular function.
  3. Provides mobility and balance training to maintain and improve the mobility level of the patients
  4. Provides fall prevention program to patients to minimize the risk of fall.
  5. Provides pain relief treatment including electrotherapy, thermotherapy and manual therapy.
  6. Provides education on transferring and caring skills to carers
  7. Provides Boccica training program to improve eye-hand co-ordination of patients.

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Tel: 2636 7255

Physiotherapy Department

Occupational Therapy Department

All our clients shall lead the meaningful life of their choice.

We empower our clients to return to their valued life roles at home, work and leisure by making the best use of their functional capabilities.

Scope of Service

  • ADL Assessment & Training
  • Upper Limbs & Hand Functional Assessment & Training
  • Cognitive Assessment & Training
  • Wheelchair Prescription & Training
  • Computer Simulated Training
  • Prescription of Splintage
  • Prescription of Assistive Device
  • Prescription of Assistive Device
  • Pressure Therapy
  • Consultation for Home Modification

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Tel: 26367258

Medical Social Service Unit


  1. To better understand and help people with disabilities in their social context.
  2. To advocate the right of people with disabilities access to a better life and to get their psychological, social and spiritual needs met.


  1. To understand and help residents and their families in their own context.
  2. To tailor-make the specific care plan to meet the unique needs of every resident.
  3. To enable residents maximizing their residual functioning and constructing their personal meaning of their lives.

Scope of Service

  1. To address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual concerns of residents and families and to response the need when appropriate.
  2. To work with the health care professional team for a comprehensive care plan.
  3. To help residents to fix their daily routines and broaden their life-experiences through case management, patient group activities, programs, health educational talks and volunteer coordination.
  4. To encourage residents and their families a positive communication with health care professionals.

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TelĄG2636 7269

Department of Dietatics

Providing quality and evidence-based dietetic service to optimize patients' health.


  1. Provide quality dietetic services to effect responsive nutritional care to referred patients.
  2. Carry out nutritional assessment and provide appropriate dietetic intervention to referred patients.
  3. Counsel referred patients and carers, on nutritional principles, therapeutic dietary plans and food selection.
  4. Provide consultation to clinical management team on nutritional care for referred patients.
  5. Liaise with the Catering Department to provide patients with therapeutic diets to optimize their nutritional well being.

Speech Therapy Department

To provide rehabilitation to residents to ensure their swallowing safety as well as communication competence.

Scope of Service

  • Provide oral motor and language assessment and training
  • Provide communication assessment and training
  • Provide swallowing assessment and training
  • Provide education to residents and their caregivers on swallowing function and feeding safety
  • Provide professional advice to the health care team on residents' communication and swallowing ability
  • Provide regular seminars on safe feeding and effective communication skills



Our mission is to provide efficient, safe and comprehensive foot care to all patients by:

  • Closely partnership with patients, carers and patients' families.
  • Continuously improving service by client's feedback.
  • Regularly review the quality of service and implement improvement plan.
  • Collaboration with other health care professionals.

To pursue excellence in foot care, medication safety, community foot health promotion and research development.