Topical Issue

Topical Issue : Double Deck Parking System (DDPS)


Shortage of car parking spaces is always a challenge in Queen Mary Hospital (QMH), especially during redevelopment where substantial number of parking spaces would be affected. To maintain adequate parking spaces during and after the redevelopment project, double-deck parking system has been installed and implemented in QMH.


  1. Benchmarking – Site visit and study for DDPS workflow, restrictions and good practices
  2. Installation – In phases to minimize operational impact
  3. Trial Tests – Parking tests of vehicles of different sizes to fine-tune separation of Double Deck Parking Units (DDPUs)
  4. Operation & Guideline – Reorganize and allocate DDPUs to departments with relatively stable work pattern, designate trained staff and develop safe checking procedures for operation
Comment & Feedback for continuous enhancement
Situation before DDPS implemented and Design drawing of DDPS

Enhancement Works

from users’ feedback and advices from the Quality & Safety Team

Sufficient space between DDPU & parapet wall Enhancement (1)
Shifting the double-deck units farther from the parapet wall for more generous parking space.

Portable control panel Enhancement (2)
Using portable control panels (for deckers outside Nursing Staff Quarters A).

Steel checker platform on support frame 2 Steel checker platform on support frame 1 Enhancement (3)
Adding steel checker platform over the longitudinal support frame to avoid users tripping over the protruding frame.

Control panels repositioned onto front pillar 2 Control panels repositioned onto front pillar 1 Enhancement (4)
Repositioning the control panel on the front pillar to avoid accidental injuries (for deckers under the link bridge).

Removal of front sensors 3 Removal of front sensors 2 Removal of front sensors 1 Enhancement (5)
Removal of the front sensors for the safety sake of passers-by and decker users.

Result & Outcome

Present Stage:

Around 71% increase in parking spaces by utilizing the existing 34 parking spaces to provide 29 sets of DDPU (58 parking spaces).

Next Stage:

Further increase of parking spaces by installing more DDPUs at appropriate existing parking locations.


The launch of double-deck parking system did not only compensate the reduced number of parking spaces but also provided more parking spaces to alleviate the shortage of parking spaces in QMH.

Situation after DDPS implemented