Department of Family Medicine & Primary Healthcare

Department of Family Medicine & Primary Healthcare

Chief of Service: Dr. Welchie Ko , 高煒杰醫生

Location: Department Central Office
North Wing, 6/F, Tsan Yuk Hospital, 30 Hospital Road,  Hong Kong.

Telephone No.: 2589 2337

Fax No.: 2589 2267

Enquiry Email: Qmh_fm&

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  • The Department of Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare represents the fore front in medical services.
  • Through the operations of our network of General Out-Patients Clinics (GOPCs) , Family Medicine Specialist Clinic (FMSC) and staff clinic, we strive to comprehensive one-stop healthcare services in the community

Our Vision

Primary healthcare services play a central role in helping people stay healthy.

Our Mission

Provide a high efficient, patient-centered and sustainable quality primary healthcare service to the local residents and contribute in training and promoting Family Medicine in Hong Kong

Our Services

  • Provide management to patients with general illnesses and chronic disease
  • Keep chronic patients, especially those with diabetes mellitus and hypertension, stable and healthy in the community by close collaborations with multi-disciplinary care system in order to minimizing the need to attend secondary and hospital care
  • Promote residents living in the vicinity to practise healthy habits and lead a healthy lifestyle in achieving physical and psychological health through case manager approach and patient empowerment
  • Provide nurse-led services, like RAMP (Risk Assessment & Management Programme), smoking cessation and counselling; allied health services including dietetic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacist medication counseling, clinical psychology, podiatry, prosthetic and orthotics services in primary care in order to enhance comprehensive one-stop healthcare services in the community