Department of Accident & Emergency

Department of Accident & Emergency

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Chief of Service: Dr S H Tsui

Location: Block J, Queen Mary Hospital

Telephone No.: 2255 3007

Fax No.: 2818 9096


The Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department is the only A&E centre in Hong Kong West Cluster. It provides 24-hour emergency service to the residents of Hong Kong West and Central as well as the Southern District of the Island.

The department has been renovated to provide an enlarged waiting area and a main area with a 2-bed acute care area, a 2-bed resuscitation room with ceiling mounted X-ray machine, 8 treatment cubicles, a walk-in clinic and an observation and treatment area and an Emergency Medicine ward. Other facilities include 2 X-ray rooms, designated rooms for minor operation, plastering and dressing.

To ensure that all patients with urgent and life-threatening conditions receive prompt treatment, a triage system is in place to assess the clinical conditions of the patients. Based on objective assessment criteria, patients are prioritized into 5 categories: Critical, Emergency, Urgent, Semi-urgent and Non-urgent and will receive treatment according to clinical needs.

Our Vision

  • Satisfied patients and clinical partners
  • Trusted by the community
  • Happy staff

Our Mission

To provide safe and efficient care to patients with emergency medical problems through our expertise, caring heart, team work and collaboration

Our Service

Apart from the day to day management of emergency patients, the department is in constant preparedness for major incident and disaster. Regular disaster drills with other hospitals and FSD are conducted to enhance the ability to handle crisis.

Multi-disciplinary team approach is adopted for management of seriously injured patients. Staffs of the department are also active in training medical students, paramedical and nursing staff in Emergency medicine. There is also close collaboration with other departments in clinical research.