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Tuberculosis Case

The spokesperson of Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) made the following announcement today (26 May) about a contract worker being diagnosed with tuberculosis:


A worker hired by the hospital’s contract service provider has suffered from prolonged coughing since early April. The worker is responsible for transporting patients to and from the operating theatres. He was admitted into the medical ward on 19 May and his lung fluid was collected for laboratory testing. Test results on 24 May confirmed that he had been infected with tuberculosis. He is currently on leave and being treated at the Department of Health Chest Clinic.


The hospital has conducted investigation in accordance with the prevailing infection control guidelines. Doctors in microbiology and respiratory medicine and the infection control team have jointly assessed the situation and concluded that the risk of infection to patients who had been transported by the worker was low, taking into account that the worker had put on surgical mask while on duty, the transportation time was short, and no direct patient care was involved.


As a precautionary measure, the hospital is conducting initial screening and risk assessment on 138 patients who were transported by the worker concerned from April to May. Appropriate follow-up actions including clinical examinations will be taken as necessary. The hospital will also organize a briefing session for the hospital staff and the contractor’s employees who had contacts with the staff concerned to explain the situation and offer health advice. Chest X-ray would be arranged when necessary.


The case has been reported to the Hospital Authority Head Office and the Centre for Health Protection. Meanwhile, the hospital will enhance infection control measures and closely monitor the health condition of the concerned patients and staff.