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Update on incident of loss of patient data

Regarding the incident of the loss of patient data announced yesterday (13 April), the spokesperson for Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) gave the following update today (14 April):


A taxi driver contacted the hospital this morning and arranged to return at noon today 110 sheets of patient records delivery notes which a member of clerical staff of the hospital's Medical Specialist Outpatient Clinic had accidentally left in his taxi on 12 April.


The staff of the relevant department checked the sheets and initially confirmed that all the sheets have been returned.


The hospital expressed heartfelt thanks to the driver and his colleague for keeping the sheets and returning them to the hospital.


The hospital will continue to enhance staff training in the protection of patients' privacy and remind all staff to adhere strictly to the guidelines on the safe keeping of patient data.


The hospital wishes to apologise once again for the inconvenience caused to the patients concerned.