Proper Use of Surgical Mask

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Proper Use of Surgical Mask

  1. Clean your hands thoroughly before wearing a surgical mask
  2. When wearing a mask, the coloured side should face outward
  3. The metallic strip should be on top with the pleats underneath
  4. Position the elastic bands around both ears to keep the mask in place
  5. Press the metallic strip against the bridge of the nose with fingers
  6. Unfold the pleats to cover the mouth, nose and the entire chin
  7. Press the metallic strip firmly against the bridge of the nose and the cheeks
  8. Make sure the edge of the mask fits the face closely
  9. Avoid touching the mask once it is secured on the face
  10. Remove the mask by only touching the elastic bands
  11. Dispose of the used mask in a lidded rubbish bin then clean hands

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