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Medical Specialist Outpatient Clinic

Service hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 1pm; and 2pm to 5pm
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: closed
Under typhoon number 8 or above or black rainstorm warning signal: closed

Address Medical Clinic, 1/F, South Wing, Li Ka Shing Specialist Outpatient Clinic
Prince of Wales Hospital, 30-32 Ngan Shing Street, Shatin
Tel. 3505 2493

New cases appointment booking

New patients or their relatives could make the appointment in person by presenting a referral letter from a Hong Kong registered doctor issued within three months, identification documents, and proof of residential address (such as water or electricity bill) issued within the recent 6 months to facilitate future communication. Patient can arrange their new arrangement by fax. For details, please contact 3505 2493. The medical clinic does not accept booking for dermatology new cases.
The waiting time for the first consultation varies among different sub-specialties. Please contact clinic staff for details.


Old cases appointment booking

Usually, a patient’s next follow-up appointment will be arranged by the doctor after each consultation. Otherwise, patients or their relatives should bring the appointment slip to the clinic reception counter to book the next appointment. Please check the sub-specialty and the appointment date printed on the new appointment slip. For enquiries, please consult clinic staff.


To change appointment date

To change the appointment date, patients or their relatives could bring the appointment slip to the clinic in person. The appointment slip can also be mailed to the clinic. Please enclose a stamped and self-addressed envelope.
For new cases, patients are only allowed to change their appointment once. For old cases, patients who have not attended our clinic for one year or more or have not booked an appointment within a year need to present a new doctor's referral letter for re-booking their appointment.


To cancel appointment

Please mail the appointment slip to the clinic.


Consultation procedures

Please pay at the shroff on G/F, North Wing, Li Ka Shing Specialist Outpatient Clinics 15 minutes before the scheduled registration time shown on the appointment slip, then submit the appointment slip to our clinic reception counter on 1/F, South Wing of the clinic and undergo examinations as instructed. For enquiries, please ask our staff at the reception counter.

New cases
New patients should bring identification documents, a small bottle of urine specimen, discharge slip, x-ray films or examination results from other laboratories, and the medications currently being taken or their containers.
The practices of each sub-specialty may vary. Please follow the instruction notes given to you when making appointment.

Old cases
Please bring identification documents, all appointment slips of the medical and other specialties, all investigation documents (e.g. blood test, X-ray, ultrasound or appointment slips for scanning), and the medications currently being taken or their containers.
The practices of each sub-specialty may vary. Please follow the notes on the appointment slip, such as time for blood taking and chest X-ray.


Medication problems

Please check the medications and quantity immediately after receiving them from the pharmacy. Follow the instructions on the drug label when taking and storing medications. For enquiries, please contact our pharmacy staff.
If you encounter shortage of drugs, please check if you have followed the instructions printed on the label. Bring the containers back to our pharmacy for enquiries. If necessary, you may come to the clinic to seek advice. If the drug shortage is due to changed or defaulted appointment, you can contact the clinic to seek assistance.
If you feel unwell after taking the drug, please bring the drugs and the containers to any nearby clinic and seek consultation. In case of emergencies, attend the Accident and Emergency Department. You may also come to our clinic to seek advice.


Non Emergency Ambulance Transfer Service

Patients who wish to use the service can inform staff of the specialist outpatient clinic or ward. Those who have been assessed by healthcare staff as meeting the service criteria would be provided with round-trip Non-emergency Ambulance Transfer .


Borrowing of wheelchairs

If a wheelchair is needed on the day of consultation, please go to the following locations for loan procedures:
- Counter near shroff on G/F, North Wing of Li Ka Shing Specialist Outpatient Clinic; or
- Enquiry counter on G/F, Day Treatment Block and Children Wards; or
- Enquiry counter on G/F, Main Clinical Block and Trauma Centre


Arrangement under typhoon or black rainstorm warning signal

If typhoon signal number 8 or above or black rainstorm warning signal is hoisted, patients or their relatives can call 3505 2493, or bring along the appointment slip to the clinic to book a new appointment and arrange their prescriptions


Lost appointment slip

If you have lost the appointment slip, please come to the clinic with your identification document to arrange for a new appointment slip.



31 March 2017