Project on Enhancing Radiological Investigation Services through Collaboration with the Private Sector (Radi Collaboration)


As a crucial tool of patient assessment, the demand for radiological imaging services in the Hospital Authority (HA) has been rising rapidly. Radi Collaboration (the Project) is a government-funded project aiming at enhancing radiological investigation services for patients through collaboration with the private sector.

Target Patients

The target patients of the Project are HA’s cancer patients. Patients fulfilling specific clinical criteria can be referred to the private sector for radiological diagnostic examinations as part of their cancer care.

Service Details

The Project provides Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services to patients. Target patients having clinical need to receive such investigation(s) can be invited to take part in the Project on a voluntary basis under full subsidy. HA will continue to provide service to those who choose to receive service from the public sector.

Patients accepting HA’s invitation can choose their PSPs out of HA’s list and HA will make referral according to their choice. Results of investigations will be returned to HA Hospitals through an electronic platform for clinicians to formulate subsequent treatment plan.

Generally speaking, PSPs will provide service to patients within 5 working days.

The following PSPs are currently taking part in the Project:
1. Central Medical Diagnostic Centre(Quality Healthcare Medical Services Ltd): (Service offered : MRI)
2. St Paul’s Hospital: (Service offered : CT & MRI)
3. The University of Hong Kong, Department of Diagnostic Radiology: (Service offered: MRI)
4. iRad Medical Diagnostic Centre: (Service offered: CT & MRI)
5. Alpha Medical Diagnostic Centre(Quality Healthcare Medical Services Ltd): (Service offered: CT & MRI)
6. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Tsuen Wan: (Service offered: CT)
7. Union Medical Centre Ltd: (Service offered : CT)

The above organizations have been assessed to have met prescribed requirements in order to take part in the Project. Patients are free to choose from the list. HA staff will not recommend any particular PSP to patients.

How to Join

HA doctors will invite patients to take part in the project during consultation and on-site enrollment will be arranged for patients accepting the offer. There is no need for patients to apply themselves.