Patient Empowerment Programme (PEP)

Programme Introduction

To further enhance patients’ knowledge and ability in self-management of chronic diseases, the Hospital Authority (HA) collaborates with non-governmental organizations to launch the Patient Empowerment Programme (Programme). The objectives of the Programme are: (i) to enhance patients’ knowledge and ability in self-management of chronic diseases so as to prevent possible complications; (ii) further enhance primary care and disease prevention; (iii) enhance collaboration between the HA and partner organizations in the community on patient care.

Programme Content

The partner organizations will provide the following empowerment sessions to the participants:

• Disease specific knowledge
• Self-efficacy enhancement and lifestyle modification

Number of sessions and duration of each session will depend on patients’ condition. Participants will receive follow-up calls from the partner organization within 6 months after completion of the programme.

Invitation Process

1. Suitable target patients (patients with Hypertension or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus) will be invited to join the programme through the following channels :
• General Outpatient Clinics, Family Medicine Specialist Clinics or Specialist Outpatient Clinics of HA;
• General Outpatient Clinic Public-Private Partnership Programme

2. Patients who wish to participate in the Programme should join the “Electronic Health Record Sharing System” for sharing of patients’ medical records and information of patients’ performance in the Programme between HA and the partner organizations.

3. Partner organizations will contact the invited patients for registration to the Programme and the "Electronic Health Record Sharing System".

Fees and Charges

For programme fees and details, please contact related partner organizations of respective clusters.