Provision of Infirmary Service through Public-Private Partnership (Infirmary Service PPP)

Programme Introduction

With ageing of the Hong Kong population, an increasing need for long term care services is expected. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Government announced in his 2013 Policy Address that the Hospital Authority (HA) would explore other modes of co-operation with the private sector in order to strengthen the infirmary care services for public hospital patients.

In line with the Government’s policy direction and the benefits of developing a social infirmary service in the longer term, HA collaborates with a non-governmental organization (NGO), Po Leung Kuk, to enhance the choices of infirmary care services for applicants on the Central Infirmary Waiting List (CIWL) managed by HA. An Infirmary Service Public-Private Partnership Programme (“Infirmary Service PPP” or the “Programme”) is about to be implemented on a pilot basis, through contracting with Po Leung Kuk to operate infirmary services at the Wong Chuk Hang Hospital with a maximum capacity of 64 beds for three years and possible extension by two years subject to evaluation.

Target Service Users

The target service users of the Infirmary Service PPP are applicants registered on CIWL of the HA General Infirmary Service and have relatively stable medical condition to enhance the choices of infirmary care services for them. The invitation will be made according to the applicants’ registration dates on a first-registered-first-call basis via the Responsible Officers (RO)*. There is no need for applicants on CIWL to apply by themselves.

Fee and Charges

Service Users are required to pay Po Leung Kuk the same gazette fees and charges as charged by HA for its General Infirmary Service. Service Users who can enjoy medical fee benefit / waiver under HA except the "Certificate of Old Age Living Allowance Recipients (for Medical Waiver)" can also enjoy the same benefit / waiver under the Programme.

Visiting hours

Daily, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Patient Corner
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20-07-2017 Waiver arrangement notification
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