Haemodialysis Public Private Partnership Programme (HD PPP)

Programme Introduction

To cater for the growing demand of the haemodialysis service for end-stage renal failure (ESRF) patients, the Hospital Authority (HA) collaborates with the qualified community haemodialysis centres to provide options for patients to receive haemodialysis in the community under the Haemodialysis Public-Private Partnership Programme. The objectives of this Programme are: to enhance haemodialysis service for ESRF patients; to allow patient choices for haemodialysis; and to enhance collaboration between HA and community haemodialysis centres. HA invites the clinically suitable patients, who receive haemodialysis treatment in public hospitals, to participate in the Programme.

Invitation Process

Invitation Process
1. Eligible and suitable patients will be invited by the Nephrologists of HA.

2. Invited patients have to complete, sign and return the consent form to HA.

3. Eligible patients shall also enroll in the “Electronic Health Record Sharing System” for sharing of patient’s medical records between HA and the partner organisations.

4. Patients will be arranged to receive haemodialysis treatment in the community according to the available quota. HA will continue to provide follow-up consultation, medication and regular examination services.

Fees and Charges

Patients are required to pay the community haemodialysis centres a co-payment which is the same gazette fees and charges as charged by HA for its day procedure and treatment at Renal Clinic, subject to the extent of waiver granted by HA (if any).