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Hospital Volunteer Services


NDH Volunteer Team has been established since 1998, our goals are:

  • Assist the Hospital in providing efficient and high quality health care services¡F
  • Promote ¡§self-help¡¨ and ¡§caring¡¨ spirit¡F

Scope of Services

  • Enquiry¡F
  • Ward visitation¡F
  • Assist in selling rehab products in Rehab Shop¡F
  • Provide supporting services¡F
  • Assist in conducting patient caring activities¡F
  • Assist in conducting Patient festival caring activities¡F
  • Voluntary tutor (e.g. handicrafts and exercise class tutor).


  1. Aged 15 or above, willing to serve patients and relative
  2. Commit to provide service on weekdays with at least 30 service hours in a year.
  3. All applicants would go through face-to-face interview and attend mandatory training before providing service in the hospital.


Application Form for individuals
Application Form for groups

Volunteer Photo  Volunteer Photo  Volunteer Photo