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NTEC Simulation & Training Centre

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The New Territories East Cluster Simulation & Training Centre(NTEC STC) was established to provide a safe, innovative and experiential training environment for the Cluster and the Hospital Authority. The vision of NTEC STC is to enhance patient safety, clinical outcomes and quality through simulation-based trainings.

NTEC STC consists of simulation training rooms which can be simulated as operating theatre, Intensive Care Unit , Accident & Emergency cubicle and general ward. Trainees can gain hands-on experience in handling ad-hoc clinical events and test their problem-solving ability in a realistic simulated environment at the Centre.

There are a number of low, mid and high fidelity simulators and a variety of part-task trainers in the Centre. Console operators control the simulator-manikin by wireless connection to behave like a real patient according to the scenario settings designed for the training courses. NTEC STC runs regular simulation-based programmes including Crew Resourece Management. After each training scenario, trainers would debrief trainees and facilitate reflective learning by reviewing trainees’ performance with the audio-visual system in the Centre.

For more information, please contact our staff:
Tel / Fax: 2683 8310 / 2683 8342
Address: 1E084 (near Auditorium), 1/F, North District Hospital,
9 Po Kin Road, Sheung Shui