Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital
Speech Therapy

Our Mission: To provide assessments, diagnoses and treatments for adults and children who suffered from swallowing disorders, communication disorders and/or voice disorders as a result of stroke, traumatic brain injury, oral and/or laryngeal cancers, cleft lip/palate or developmental delay.

Service Scope: Dysphagia, voice disorders, aphasia, articulatory or phonological delay/disorders, and language delay delay/disorders

A display of various leaflets on our services

Bedside swallow assessment in progress

Delayed pharyngeal swallow and aspiration of liquid were found during the video-fluoroscopic swallow study.

VitalStim therapy for swallow rehabilitation

Instrumental voice assessment

Different types of alaryngeal speech devices

A laryngectomised patient successfully acquired the techniques of using the pneumatic device to speak again.

Children need long-term intensive articulation therapy even after the cleft lip and palate repaired.

The preschooler concentrated on the articulation drills.

The twins with language delay enjoy learning preschool concepts through play.

The girls with language delay learn narrative skills step by step.