Hospital Authority Kwong Wah Hospital
Out-patient Department

Kwong Wah tending to the sick and the poor for a century;
Out-patient services providing holistic healthcare protection.

Entering the 21st century, the KWH Out-patient Department (OPD) was relocated to 1-3/F, Tsui Tsin Tong Out-patient Building. In our new premise, the setting, facilities and medical services all embody the people-oriented spirit. The chips allotment system of Family Medicine & General Out-patient Department was upgraded from requiring patients to line up at the clinic to 24-hour telephone booking. Registration procedures, clinical consultations, appointments for check-ups and follow-up consultations, and prescriptions etc., have been fully computerised. This not only facilitates record storage but also saves time.

Family Medicine

General Out-patient Department

Family doctors giving interactive care for body and mind;
Primary care coordinating preventive efforts in the community.

OPD has evolved from a simple out-patient clinic to an integrated Family Medicine and General Out-patient Department based on the ideas of family medicine and progressive development of the discipline. To provide more comprehensive services for patients, we have implemented cross-department collaboration in the clinic and initiated services modelled on a professional medical team, such as the “Diabetes Star Wish Programme ”. The KWH Family Medicine has become a training and teaching centre recognised by the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians, as well as the teaching clinic of CUHK for family medicine. The Department set up a research team many years ago, actively involved in primary care research and promotion of evidence-based medicine with funding from the TWGHs and other foundations. OPD has completed numerous research projects, and produced a number of academic papers for discussion and publication on local and international medical seminars.

In this centennial year, the KWH is about to enter a new era with its redevelopment. Family Medicine & General Out-patient Department will uphold the mission of TWGHs in serving the poor and the sick by promoting family medicine and providing the public and the community with efficient, cost-effective healthcare services.

Specialist Out-patient Department

Specialists treating diseases and wounds with professionalism;
Lives saved by way of medicine, surgery and a healing heart.

Specialist out-patient services cover internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, geriatrics, neurosurgery, ear, nose and throat, orthopaedics and traumatology, etc. With sustained expansion in response to growing demand, the Department has set up new specialties to meet patient needs and provide all-round follow-up services of check-ups, treatment and care. Advanced medical technology and equipment are also introduced by our specialist services for continuous provision of better medical services for the public.

  • Telephone booking for patients to make appointments in the comfort of their home
  • Primary care pulmonary rehabilitation programme for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Diabetes Star Wish Programme
  • Thank-you letters from patients to our staff
  • Teamwork in action
  • Chips allotment by General Out-patient Department’s Smart Registration System
  • Instructions from nurse
  • Regular check-ups at chronic disease clinic
  • Chips allotment by Specialist Out-patient Department’s Smart Registration System
  • Hearing test room
  • Blood sampling/injection services
  • Instructions from specialist nurse
  • Plaster room